Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Old Fashioned starts dinner at the Iberian Pig

 Iberian Pig for dinner?  I think so.  It hustles.  It bustles.  It's got amazing cocktails, and wonderful tapas. On the meaning of their name, IP says:
"The Black-footed Iberian Pigs that roam Spain create some of the most sought after cured meat in the world, Jamon Iberico. Only recently imported into the United States, we are one of the select few restaurants in the country that serves the acorn fed Iberico ham from Spain. To preserve the integrity of Jamon Iberico, we slice the ham in view of our guests on a imported mechanical proscuitto slicer from Italy. Served with toasted ciabatta and espresso aioli, this item is truly a signature of the restaurant."

Start out with an Iberian Old Fashioned.  Then a small plate.  I love, love, love the manchego mac & cheese.  Also try out the cabrito carbonara.  So, so good.  Be adventuresome, and give it a try.   ($40 per person).

Find out more:
Address: 121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030
Latitude: 33.774472
Longitude: -84.296029

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