Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

One time, a raccoon came through our cat door.  He was big and round - presumably from eating cat food all around the neighborhood.  He protested severely as we asked him to leave.  But he was so big and round, that he couldn't manage the expected hysterics of human-raccoon interaction.  Rather, he kept it all inside, and just gave us glances of disdain.  Up till a few months ago, I'd lament the fact that his raccoon-ness prevented him from being an actor, because he'd have made a darn good one.  But, no more!  The dawn of raccoon acting has arrived!

And, oh boy, does Guardians of the Galaxy bring it.  The story of rebel-without-a-cosmos Peter Quill, who has a bounty on his head, GotG brings together Peter with a crew of unlikely heroes to save the galaxy.  My kids came back from the opening showing proclaiming it the best movie they've ever seen.  That's high praise.  Go check it out!

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