Sunday, March 23, 2014

Black Rice and Bacon with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Black rice is touted as a super food, so why not make it more super with BACON? Oh yeah, baby, this bad boy has it all - black rice, spinach, tomato and tomatillo salsas, and low fat sour cream. HWYD and Bacon Adoration founders, Stephen and Andrea Bourne, have created this inventive dish that is incredible served by itself or alongside a nice tilapia or shredded chicken dish. Read more for the recipe!

Serves 4.


2 cups cooked black rice, still warm
1/2 cup diced orange pepper
2 oz baby spinach
4 stripes crisped bacon
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
Side items: tomato salsa, roasted tomatillo salsa, and low fat sour cream

Combine the first five ingredients and plate. Serve with side sauces, and perhaps corn chips, shredded chicken, or flaked tilapia. A very healthy dish with a reasonable portion of bacon. Whoo!

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