Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome to HWYD Philanthropy

Hey There!

We're Steve and Andrea.

You may be familiar with our sister blogs, Here's What You Do (Altanta), Here's What You Do, (Travel)Here's What You Do (Décor)Here's What You Do (Gourmet)Here's What You Do (Consumer)Here's What You Do (Learning) and Tablescape Times Three. Now, we are happy to announce Here's What You Do (Philanthropy).

We want to make it clear from the beginning that we will include charities as well as philanthropic efforts. 

What's the difference, you ask?

Essentially, a charity provides support in relieving immediate needs where philanthropy focuses on eliminating root causes of societal issues. We are partial to philanthropic efforts, but there are certainly instances where charity is as critical. And in the world of non-profits, there is a great deal of overlap. We will also highlight patron programs where pressing societal needs are not readily evident, such as preserving and extending artistic and other cultural endeavors. We at Here's What You Do believe that protecting culture in a wide range of forms is essential for a health society. That being said, efforts that attract our attention will be those that contribute to long-term effectiveness. In addition, please note that we will not specifically highlight or avoid any efforts sponsored by possibly controversial groups. We will recognize projects by their own merit, but we will include any relevant information such as sponsoring bodies or affiliates. And a final disclaimer: we are not associated with any charitable or philanthropic organization. We are just a married couple with children, and we write blogs about things we care about. We volunteer our time and money where we can, and we will let you know if we happen to cover a project that we are actively participating in.

So what can I expect to find on this site?

In HWYD (Philanthropy), we are going to focus on small donations of our, (and your), limited time, effort, gifts-in-kind, and money. We have contributed countless hours, clothing items, food, dollars, etc. to non-profits. Here's what we've learned: big donors are usually focused on an organization and/or solicited by an organization directly. However, we also know that the bread and butter of non-profits comes from the consistent, small givers, both of time and money. But many of us, (the small givers), doubt that we are effective, wonder what's the best thing we can do with our $25, are afraid to start giving for fear that we'll be hounded every year in the future, or don't know whether or not our gift is tax-deductible. We will cover all kinds of contributions, not just money. There are countless ways you can give your time as well. In fact, it's best when you can make it a family affair. We'll have plenty of ideas for how to get the whole family involved. And most importantly, we hope to help you determine how to make your efforts really count.

Here's What You Do (Philanthropy)

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It's gonna be fun!

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