Saturday, August 10, 2013

Black Currant Heaven: Ribena

Greetings, HWYD Friends!

We'd like to introduce you to a product we'll be using this week in our HWYD recipes: Ribena. We are not paid or connected to Ribena or any of their affiliate companies in any way. We just love the stuff. Like them on FB here!

It is a black currant concentrate made in the U.K. In our house, we most commonly mix it with water over ice. The kids love it. It has plenty of vitamin C, and we've discovered that it is more and more commonly available in the U.S. If your local Kroger or Publix or Whole Foods doesn't carry it, ask them to start ordering it; they will. But make sure you check in the international foods section, first. You just might be surprised that it's sitting there. The standard available bottle size is about $8.00, but it lasts a long time because it's a concentrate. Unless your kids really love it. 

You can also order it from the British Food Depot. When we order it online, we typically buy it in bulk, purchasing the 3-pack of the 600ml bottles. You'll notice the Ribena brand has lots of other fruit and juice related products. You can see even more on their site. There are lots of recipes there and on the web using Ribena from smoothies to cocktails to muffins to sauces. We'll be introducing some our creations on the HWYD Big Dish 2 blog later this week.

While our cooking site focuses on recipes, we loved this idea on the Ribena blog site for using it in a bird feeder. The Ribena Flickr photostream shows some really fun pictures of children touring the Ribena farms participating in this project.

Find some Ribena this week. You'll be using it this weekend!

Happy Cooking!

Andrea and Steve

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