Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here's What We Did!

An Announcement

So, it's been a little while since Here's What You Do did a post.  Can you guess why?  Here's a hint from Canady:

With This Ring, I Thee Wed

And Bravely Go Where Love Has Led

A Journey Unto The Unknown

But With Hope Always Coming Home

With This Ring, I Thee Wed

Accepting Joy and Teardrops Shed

Facing Whatever The Future Hides
Walking Side By Side

With This Ring, I Thee Wed: 

Especially When Our Hearts Have Bled

Especially If We Are Afraid
Especially When We’re Old and Grayed

That's right, a wedding in December.  To my love Andrea.  We just celebrated our six month anniversary, and we are turning our attention back to Here's What You Do.  Of course, we've taken lots and lots of notes on the best things to do in an around Atlanta in the process, and we're gearing up to share it all with you.  So get ready for more fun and exciting day plans, from our new husband and wife team.

Andrea and Steve, the new Here's What You Doers.

Here's What You Do is Growing

You know what they say about two heads being better than one?  So true my friends.  And Andrea's quite the smart - and innovative - cookie.  Who benefits?  That's right... you do.  Here's What You Do is launching two sister blogs:

Here's What You Do - Travel

In our one year relationship, Andrea and I have traveled to 26 states, spent time in dozens of cities, driven well over 15,000 miles, and spent nights in 40 hotels.  Annapolis.  St. Augustine.  Baltimore.  St. Louis.  Kansas City.  Mount Rushmore.  We love it!  Travel is in our blood, and it makes for great blogs.  Our new blog, Here's What You Do - Travel will give you romantic get away ideas for the weekend, road trips, even the great American summer vacation.

We have a page on Facebook.  Check it out and give us a like to get us on your newsfeed.

Here's What You Do - Consumer

Ever try to buy something big?  Something that takes up a good chunk of a pay check, and that you really hope you make the right decision on?  Ever try to research it on the internet?  If you're like us, you end up in a morass of web sites, irate reviews, sites you have to pay for to get at the good research.  You end up more confused than when you started.  Time to get smart.

Here's What You Do - Consumer tackles questions like:

  • What's the best dishwasher to buy?
  • What's the best laptop?
  • Should I upgrade to iPhone5?
  • Should I get flight insurance?

The approach?  Gather all the information we can from the internet on the subject.  Give the professional review organizations like Consumer Reports more weight.  Take the irate customer reviews with a heavy grain of salt.  Come up with new ways to rate the information that make sense from our point of view.  Make a recommendation on what to buy.  Then - and you'll love this part - buy it and give it a try and report back on if it was a good choice.

Check out the HWYD Consumer page on Facebook and give it a like to get our posts on your newsfeed.

Excited to Get things Going Again

It's great to be back my friends, and as a team!  Andrea and I are excited to get things rolling.  Keep checking us out on Facebook and our blog pages.  Cheers!

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