Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of Days Secret Supper at Oakland Cemetery: Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Sunday, have dinner at the Oakland Cemetery to welcome the End of Days.  Start the day with brunch at Sun in My Belly.  Then, order your Christmas cards with a deal from Groupon.  Then a welcome nap followed by a glass of wine at Barcelona.  Finally, dinner at Oakland, catered by The Lawrence. 

Here's what you do Sunday, November 18, 2012

Have dinner at Oakland Cemetery at The Lawrence's End of Days Secret Supper.

End of Days.  So far, 2012 has not given us the end of the world as promised.  But maybe Sunday is the day!  :-)  The Lawrence is hosting an End of Days dinner at Oakland Cemetery Sunday night.  From The Lawrence:
"Enjoy a secret supper among the headstones of the Oakland Cemetery. The Lawrence will provide a three-course meal with cocktails and wine pairings designed by chef Jonathan St. Hilaire and bartender Eric Simpkins. Throughout the dinner, attendees will listen to short presentations on the theme of death and the apocalypse."

I don't know about you.  But that sounds like fun!!  Call 404-688-2107 to make reservations.  $75 per person.  Dinner is at 5.

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Here's what you do Sunday

First:  Picasso said sun in my belly is what made him create.  One thing's for sure.  Sun in my belly on College Ave will make your belly happy.  Go there for Brunch.  Order the quiche of the day, or a bowl of berries, or Kirkwood breakfast.  It's all good.  ($15 per person)

Have the berry bowl at Sun in My Belly.

Quiche and grits at Sun in My Belly.  Yum!

Did you know SIMB has a blog focusing on their catering business?  It's awesome!  Great source of ideas for events you might be planning.    Check it out here.  

Check out Sun in my Belly's blog.

Second:  Order your Christmas Cards.  Groupon has a great deal on Christmas Cards going right now. As you get ready to make your cards, here's some reminders of what not to do:

Third: Nap time.  Sunday's are the best for naps.  Escape from the cold, and recharge for the week.

Fourth:  A pre-dinner cocktail at Barcelona.  Spanish wines a plenty.  Big benches outside next to a roaring fire.  You really can't go wrong.   Get there around 6.   A glass of wine will hit the spot before the End of Days.  $15 per person.  Dinner at Oakland is at 5, so get to Barcelona around 3.  

Get a table outside by the fire.

Finally:  End of Days.  Guaranteed to be the most interesting dinner you've had all week.  $75 per person.  Dinner is at 5.  

Book Keeping

For two people:
  • Sun in My Belly: $30
  • Christmas Cards: $19
  • Nap: $Free
  • Barcelona: $30
  • End of Days: $150
Total: $229

Day Map:

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Carbon Footprint:
Today's full day plan can take up to about 14 miles of driving, if your home base is midtown Atlanta.  The 14 miles  equates to about 10 pound of carbon dioxide, or the carbon sequestered by about 3 sq feet of forest.  Calculations are based on the U.S. EPA's green house gas equivalencies calculator.  

14 miles of driving
10 pounds of carbon dioxide
3 square feet of forest would be required to sequester this carbon.

Wonder why a gallon of gas (about 6 pounds) generates 20 pounds of green house gas?  Check out this article at

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