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Fiona Apple at the Tabernacle: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here's what you do Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fiona Apple is performing at the Tabernacle on Wednesday Night.  Go check it out!
Wednesday is Fiona Apple Night in Atlanta, my friends.   She disappeared for a long time after her "Bad, Bad Girl" fame and infamy.   Now, she's back, and decidedly evolved.  Check this out from Moon Project:

"Apple has put the oil back in the engine and arrived with a ten-track ghost train. Her fourth album is a series of piano lines as strong and trapping as spider’s silk running beneath her tearing, wavering vocals. Very immediately, startlingly, it’s apparent there isn’t a single artist who could have done this album, nor one you could mistake this for. From the opener, Every Single Night, we’re reminded Miss Apple could be a long lost lover of Tom Waits; “That’s where the pain comes in/like a second skeleton/ trying to fit beneath the skin…” 
Her writing possesses the same mystery, sharp brained, hawk-eyed observations and bleak, black comedy of Waits while retaining its innate individuality. Although so full of highlights it is practically blinding, The Idler Wheel  is a record that can’t be defined track by track and works best when heard as a coherent body."

Uh huh.  Uh huh.   I think it's Apple time.  Tickets are from $48  on stub hub.  Show is at 8.  Park at the lot across from CNN Center.  Go check it out!

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Here's what you do Wednesday

First:  Make breakfast at home today.  Know how to make crepes?  Well, it's time to learn!  Here's a great recipe from Epicurious.  Wrap the crepes around a health serving of lobster scramble.  Here's a great recipe for that too from Esquire.  Note that you can sub out the lobster with shrimp, crab, even salmon.  All are good.  $15 for ingredients.

Lobster Crepes for Breakfast...

Second:  Sleeping Beauty at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  It's the same old Sleeping Beauty, with a couple of twists.  First, it's told from the persepective of the Prince.  Second, all the actors are marionettes.   From the Center:

"Join hero Prince Stefan as he sets out to rescue the princess Aurora, and her family’s kingdom, asleep for almost one hundred years. Told from the prince's point of view, this adaptation of the much-loved fairy tale combines beautifully crafted marionettes with the timeless music from Tchaikovsky's ballet."

It's Sleeping Beauty.  But it's told from the perspective of the Prince.  And, all the actors are marionettes!  See it at the Center for Puppetry Arts at 11:30.
Tickets are $16.50 for non-members.  Shows are at 10a and 11:30a.

Third:  Get your Noodle on.  Noodle - on Peachtree across from the Vortex - call themselves a Pan Asian Noodle House.  All we know is they have some kick-butt noodles.  Get the Thai Peanut Noodle or the Lo Mein Noodle.  Both come in big bowls and are totally satisfying.  A great place for an inexpensive lunch.  ($ - around $10 per person).

Fourth:  Nap time.

Fifth:  Have a Early Dinner at Glenn's kitchen in downtown Atlanta.   The Glenn hotel is a revived Atlanta treasure.  Hang out in the kitchen for a pre-concert sandwich.  Then, head up to the Sky Lounge on the 12th floor to enjoy the view of Atlanta with a cocktail.   About $35 per person.

Enjoy the view of Atlanta from the Skylounge at the Glenn Hotel, just a few blocks from the Tabernacle.

Finally: Go check out Fiona Apple.  $48 per person, plus about $20 for drinks and $10 for parking.  Show's at 8.

Book Keeping

For two people:
  • Breakfast: $15
  • Sleeping Beauty: $37
  • Noodle:  $20
  • Nap: $Free
  • The Glenn: $70
  • Fiona Apple: $100 plus $20 for drinks plus $10 for parking
Total: $272

Day Map:

View FionaApple in a larger map

Carbon Footprint:

Today's full day plan can take up to about 7 miles of driving, if your home base is midtown Atlanta.   In fact, it's a rare one where you could probably get around with taxi alone for not much dough!  The 7 miles  equates to about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide, or the carbon sequestered by about 2 sq feet of forest.  Calculations are based on the U.S. EPA's green house gas equivalencies calculator.  

7 miles of driving
pounds of carbon dioxide
1 square feet of forest would be required to sequester this carbon.

Wonder why a gallon of gas (about 6 pounds) generates 20 pounds of green house gas?  Check out this article at Slate.com.

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