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Abbondanza Fall Festival at La Tavola: Friday, October 12, 2012

Here's what you do Friday, October 12, 2012

The TO RTE DI MELE salted caramel and Grano Padano gelato.  Yum!!!

La Tavola is currently celebrating their Abbondanza Fall Festival.  Abbondanza is Italian for abundance, richness, wealth, or affluence.  And they definitely have that going on over at La Tavola.  Check out some of these dishes on the menu.

CAULIFLOWER SFORMATO pea tendrils, shaved celery, and tangerine agrumato oil 
AGNOLOTTI DELPLIN roasted pumpkin, Grano Padano brodetto, and pumpkin seed oil 
RIBOLITA BRUSCHETTA soft poached farm egg and Laudemio olive oil

COLD-SMOKED VEAL SWEET BREADS celery root puree and muscadine marmellata

It's a central Italy extravaganza!  The festival's going on from October 3-13.   Head on over on Friday night and make the night about Abbondanza!  $50 per person.

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Here's what you do Friday

First:  You know what?  Sometimes it's good to get back to your childhood.  Being a kid at heart is where it's at.  So, go get yourself a big ol' box of Cocoa Puffs, or Frankenberry, or whatever sugar enriched cereal floated your boat when you were a kid, and chow down!   Might be the best breakfast you have all month.  :-)  $5 for cereal.

Second:  Time for some art.  Go see the Friends of a Social Network Exhibit at Thomas Deans Fine Art Gallery in Miami Circle.  From the gallery:
"Curated through the vehicle of social media, the exhibition presents the work of a diverse group of 10 remarkable painters from across North America. One thing they share in common: None of them has previously exhibited in Atlanta. Artists: Donald Beal, Paul Behnke, Bill Gingles, Ken Kewley, Philip Koch, Mitchell Johnson, Greg Minah, Alicia Rothman, Rick Stephens, and Harry Stooshinoff."
Gallery opens at 11.  Free to see.

See the Friends of a Social Network Exhibit at Thomas Deans Fine Art Gallery.

Third:  Lunch time.  How about a food truck adventure today?  It's on at Atlantic Station.  Food Truck Fridays brings lots of trucks from around town, with gourmet tastes a-plenty.  Hot dogs.  BBQ.  Cupcakes.  Tacos.  Atlanta's street vendor cutting edge.  Give it a try!

Have a food truck lunch on Friday at Atlantic Station

Fourth:  Nap time.  A Friday siesta is livin' the dream - so to speak...

Fifth:  Abbondanza!  La Tavola is where it's at.  $50 per person.  Don't forget to make a rez.

Finally:  Time for some blues.  Atlanta's own Heather Luttrell is having a CD release party at Blind Willies.  The album's called Possumdiva.  And it won't disappoint.  Check this out from ReverbNation:
"If you’re like us, you prefer your music home grown, and not manufactured.
Well, musicians don’t get much more home grown than Heather Luttrell, who grew up traveling the country with her father’s band. Music began as a vital part of her childhood; it eventually became an integral part of her soul.
For nearly a decade now, Heather has dedicated her life to sowing her music among the masses, cultivating a dedicated following from the ground up."
Check her out at Blind Willies at 9:30 tonight.  Cover is $12.  Kip Traylor is opening.  Expect about $8 for a drink.   Read more about it here.  

Heather Luttrell is having a CD release party for her new album, Possumdiva, at Blind Willies on Friday Night.

Book Keeping

For two people:

  • Breakfast: $5
  • Friends of a Social Network: $Free
  • Food Truck Lunch: $20
  • Nap:  $Free
  • Abbondanza: $100
  • Heather Luttrell: $40 
Total: $155

Day Map:

View Abbondanza in a larger map

Carbon Footprint:

Today's full day plan can take up to about 15 miles of driving, if your home base is midtown Atlanta.   In fact, it's a rare one where you could probably get around with taxi alone for not much dough!  The 15 miles  equates to about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide, or the carbon sequestered by about 2 sq feet of forest.  Calculations are based on the U.S. EPA's green house gas equivalencies calculator.  

15 miles of driving
10 pounds of carbon dioxide
2 square feet of forest would be required to sequester this carbon.

Wonder why a gallon of gas (about 6 pounds) generates 20 pounds of green house gas?  Check out this article at

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