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Midtown Restaurant Week: Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here's what you do Thursday, September 6, 2012

Midtown restaurant week is like Christmas a little early.  Give yourself the gift of Tiramisu my friends.

Ok.  It's that wonderful time of year in Midtown, when lots and lots of restaurants bring you three course meals for cheap.  Restaurant week.  Today, we are going to sample from two of the best.  Cucina Asellina for lunch, and Murphy's for dinner.  Both bring it.  With atmosphere.  With flavor.  With fun.
At Cucina, try the $15 lunch menu.  Select the half buffola mozarella.  So fresh.  Then have the tagliolini.  Just perfect as we welcome the Fall.  Finally, have tiramisu.  Tiramisu!  Tear-a-down-my-cheek, it's so good!  Pair everything with nice glass of pinot noir.  You're good to go.  $25 per person including wine.

For dinner at the Murph, try Flatbread for your first.  Then, the Shrimp & Grits for the second.  Murphy's S&G is so so good.  Perfect prep.  Perfect spice.  Perfect flavor.  Finally, have the Peach Tart to finish.  Have some Mettler Petite Syrah as accompaniment.  You can't go wrong.  $40 per person including wine.

Murphy's Shrimp and Grits.  So good!

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Here's what you do on Thursday

First:  Have a light breakfast my friends.  You need the room today.   I've been wondering what kind of cereal is the best.  As usual, we can count on Real Simple to give us the skinny.  Check out this article on the best cereals.

Kashi Go Lean is the best high-fiber, low-fat cereal according to Real Simple.

Second:  Go see some art.  At the Trois Gallery, part of SCAD's series of exhibits, Ann Marie Manker is doing a show called Candy Coated.   From, SCAD:

"In her illustrative paintings and works on paper, artist and SCAD Atlanta foundation studies professor Ann-Marie Manker positions the female figure in fantastical landscapes that convey personal, political and psychological narratives. Manker mines the tropes of adolescent girlhood and employs pastel hues, stuffed animals and lacey ornamentation that belie their darker implications. Melding notions of desire and sexuality with references of destruction and war, Manker creates what she describes as 'a fantasy world where it is safe to live dangerously.'"

Third:  Time for lunch at Cucina Asellina.  Enjoy!  $25 per person.

Fourth: See a movie.  I don't know about you, but I love Frank Langella, and anything he's in.  In one of his more unusual choices, go see Frank & Robot.  Frank is a retired cat burglar whose kids decide to get him a humanoid robot to take care of him in his old age.   It's playing at Tara at 4:20. ($10 per person).

Fifth:  Nap time.  Gotta get ready for dinner.  Energy is a must at the Murph.

Finally:  Head on over to Murphy's for dinner.  What a great day!  $40 per person.

Book Keeping:

For two people

Breakfast:  $5
Art Show:  $Free
Lunch: $50
Movie: $20
Nap: $Free
Dinner: $80

Total: $155

Day Map:

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