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Margaret Cho, Atlanta Girl: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here's what you do Sunday, September 16, 2012

Margaret Cho is starting her tour right here in Atlanta at the Punchline Sunday Night.  Be there!

Well, Sunday's just gonna be a slice of fun pie, my friends.  It'll all culminate with a visit with Margaret Cho at the Punchline.  The new show, called the Mother tour, is her unique look at motherhood; maternal figures and strong women in queer culture.  If Margaret looks familiar, it's probably because she's one of pillars of the stand-up community.  But, it might also be because you've seen her around town.  She's on the show Drop Dead Diva, which records right here in Atlanta.  The early show is already sold out, and tickets to the late one (9:30) are selling out fast.  So, get your tickets here, and enjoy the visit.

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Here's what you do Sunday

FirstSunday mornings are for slow starts.  A time to catch up on what's going on in the world.  Read a copy of the New York Times, either on your iPad, or the old fashioned way - paper.   Or, watch CBS Sunday Morning (9-10:30 ET).  Hands down, the most uplifting and just plain interesting news show on TV.  Be prepared to learn something, and don't forget to enjoy the artwork - always a painting or sculpture of the sun.  Have some strawberries, banana, mango, melon.  Relax.  Learn.  ($5 per person for breakfast. New York Time App is free to download and look at the top news.  $19.99 per month for a subscription to see the whole NYT every day, including Sunday.)

CBS Sunday morning presents original Sun artwork at interludes throughout the show.

Second:  Get outside on Sunday and see the sun.  Take a stroll in Piedmont Park.  It just so happens that the Atlanta Arts Festival is happening on Sunday.  Go see what the Atlanta Art community has to offer.  Have a hot dog and funnel cake too.  $Free.  $10 for lunch.

Roadmaster.  The 2012 Atlanta Arts Festival Commemorative Poster by Andrew Kind from Snellville.

Third:  Nap time.  It's a lazy Sunday.  Take it to new heights!

Fourth:  Anyone remember Designing women?  That show about four strong, independent, sassy Southern women.  Go see Atlanta's live version at the Process Theatre in Decatur.   And there's a twist in this standing room only production.  From Process:

"The Process Theatre Company and OnStage Atlanta will present its sixth installment of Designing Women LIVE for a special extended run September 6-9 and 13-16, at OnStage Atlanta in Decatur. 
Since 2008, The Process Theatre Company has been a resident company at OnStage Atlanta. The two companies joined forces in 2010 for the fundraiser Designing Women LIVE, featuring episodes of the classic sitcom adapted for the stage, with an all-male cast portraying the series leads. The performances have become a twice-annual event, with standing-room only audiences. 
Ticket sales will be used to defray moving costs for the two companies when they vacate their performance space in Suburban Plaza at the end of the year. 
Designing Women LIVE: Part 6 will feature two encore episodes: Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence and Tornado Watch, plus a new adaptation: There She Is, in which Suzanne is ordered to return her Miss Georgia World crown due to a clerical error."
The Sunday is the last performance in this year's second run.  Tickets are $20 in advance and $23 at the door.  So get your tickets here, and go have a great time!

Designing Women LIVE.  Go see the last performance on Sunday.

Fifth:  A quick dinner before Margaret Cho.  Have dinner at Leon's in Decatur.  The sandwiches there are great.  The gyro is really good.  For something more formal, try the scallops, or the head-on Georgia shrimp.  Leon's also has an outdoor bocce court, and great tables outside.  Perfect for the Fall weather.  ($ - $25 per person).  

Leon's is the only place I know with a cup o' bacon for an appetizer.  That alone is a reason to go!

Finally:  Head over to the punchline for the Mother Tour.  Say hi to Margaret!  $28 per person plus about $10 for drinks.

Book Keeping

For two people:

Breakfast: $10
Sunday Morning: $Free
Atlanta Arts Festival: $20
Nap: $Free
Designing Women: $40
Dinner: $50
Cho: $76

Total:  $196

Day Map

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