Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ludacris, Pearl Jam. It's Music Midtown!: Saturday, September 21, 2012

Here's what you do Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ludacris takes the stage at Music Midtown at 4:45 on Saturday.  Dare you not to be there....

Take that and rewind it back!  Arguably Atlanta's favorite son, Luda is one of a stellar line up including Garbage, Adam Ant, and many others.  The night finishes up with Pearl Jam at 9.   It's gonna be crazy!!

Pearl Jam, Ludacris, Garbage, and many others are takin the stage at Music Midtown on Saturday.
Check out the full MM  schedule here.  MM is at Piedmont Park - see below.  General admission is $63 on Friday and $79 on Saturday and $110 for a two day pass on Stub Hub.  

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Here's what you do Saturday

Photos of The Flying Biscuit Cafe -  Terminus, Atlanta
First:  Start the day with breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, say around 9.  Go to the original Flying Biscuit in Candler Park.  Franchised of late, the FB is losing some of its charm, but the original FB is still darn good.  The 40 minute wait on weekends should prove that!  The place that inspired it all, the original FB has the purple and green Dr. Suess feeling and well-worn crooked wood floors.  Have the egg-ceptional eggs (eggs on black bean cakes topped with over-roasted tomatillo salso, feta & sour cream), the Clifton omelette (Three large farm fresh eggs stuffed with goat cheese and mushrooms, topped with warm tomato coulis and basil, served with creamy dreamy grits), or the daily scramble.  ($ - $10 per person).
This photo of The Flying Biscuit Cafe - Terminus is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

Second: Shopping in Candler Park.  Walk off your breakfast by checking out the store fronts in Candler Park next to the Flying Biscuit.  Donna Van Gogh's art consignment shop has great work from local artists.  Ask to see some Chris Warner work.  Full Moon records has a lot of vinyl you might have been looking for to get your old turntable going again.  And, there's great vintage dress shopping - including wedding dresses - in Kelly's closet and the Bridal Shop. ($ - $Free to window shop.  Buy if something strikes your fancy).

Third:  Take a nap.  Recharge for MM!

Fourth:  Take a little break from MM between Luda and Pearl Jam and have dinner outside at Campagnolo.  From the Peasant Restaurants, this new eatery on Piedmont does Italian very well indeed.  Start with a great bottle of wine.  We had the 2010 Witness Tree Chainsaw to drink.  So good.  Check this out:

"Much brighter in color than in vintages past, the 2010 Chainsaw presents aromas of fresh berries, dried herbs and barnyard. It maintains a pure, clean mouth feel with a core of fresh red fruits. Ripe strawberries, bing and black cherries, along with subtle notes of currant are accentuated by more herbal nuances such as thyme, savory and sweet marjoram. Quite light and lively now, the 2010 Chainsaw will continue to flesh-out and broaden within the coming months. It is an ideal pairing with a multitude of cheeses, roasted game birds or grilled, flaky fish."

Ummm.  Yeah!!

We were very much in the mood for pasta, and selected the capellini and the risotto plates.    We were not disappointed.  Beautiful helpings of both.  Perfectly cooked, and just the right mix of flavor.  We shared the lamb marsala after that.  Lamb shoulder cooked with marsala wine and wild mushroom with herbs and  atop a bed of garlic mashed potato.  Making myself hungry just writing about it.  Dessert was amaretto cheesecake.  Divine.  Check out the menu here.  Valet is on 10th street at Zocalo.  They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more.  So, just mosey on down when the mood hits you.  ($50 per person).

Pasta at Campagnolo.  Excellent!

Finally:  Walk on over to Music Midtown and get into some trouble!

Book Keeping

For Two People:

MM: $130 plus $20 for drinks.
Shopping: Up to you!
Nap: $Free
Campagnolo: $100

Total:  $250

Day Map:

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