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Learn the Secrets from the Chef's from Watershed - all to benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank: Monday, September 24, 2012

Here's what you do Monday, September 24, 2012

Chefs Truex and LeRoy from Watershed will show you the secrets on Monday night in the Simple Abundance class at Cook's Warehouse.  It all benefits the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Chefs Truex and LeRoy from Watershed are revealing their secrets.  This is not to miss!  In the Atlanta Community Food Bank's series called Simple Abundance, these two chefs will put on a great demonstration of Fall foods.  From the food bank:
"Watershed is back! And just in time to help you plan your next dinner party menu. With a focus on simple yet impactful items Chefs Truex and LeRoy will demonstrate how to prepare Celery Root Soup with chevre and pumpernickel toast, Roasted Quail with cornbread stuffing, collard greens and quail jus; and Almond Cake with fig preserves and whipped hone mascarpone. Evening includes wine tastings sponsored by Sherlock’s Wine Merchant and a chance to win tasty door prizes provided by Bella Cucina Artful Foods and Cabot Cheese. Location: The Cook’s Warehouse – Brookhaven: 4062 Peachtree Road, Atlanta GA 30319"
Donations levels are $55, $65, and $75.  The class is 7-9.  Make your rez now and enjoy!

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Here's what you do Monday

First:  We always like to start out the week slow.  Make breakfast at home.  Julia Child defined how to make an omelet.  Go to school with her and practice your omelets. Did you know that chefs in France are required to master the preparation of omelets as one of their main tests?  I've even heard tell that they have competitions in their farm houses on the weekends to see who can make the best one.  Now, I could mess around and try to give you directions myself.  But, why do that when you have Julia Child?  Check out her 13-page, remarkably detailed instructions.   Complete with diagrams, you're good to go. It get's a little tricky with the flipping part, but keep trying.  You'll get it. ($ - $5 per person).
Part of Julia Child's Instructions on Making an Omelette

Second:  A game of badminton in Piedmont Park is in order.  Hands down, the best badminton set to have is the Badens Champion set from Amazon.  Four and a half stars.  The set is $149 and comes with free shipping. It's just what you need to turn pro!  Head over to the park and get your game on.  

You have to have the right gear for Badminton.  Get the Baden Champion set from Amazon.
Third:  Lunch at Noodles.  It's a purist trip to noodle-ville.  Noodle - on Peachtree across from the Vortex - call themselves a Pan Asian Noodle House.  All we know is they have some kick-butt noodles.  Get the Thai Peanut Noodle or the Lo Mein Noodle.  Both come in big bowls and are totally satisfying.  A great place for an inexpensive lunch.  ($ - around $10 per person).

Fourth:  Nap time.  Get recharged for the cooking class tonight.

Finally:  Simple Abundance.  That's what it's all about.  $55 per person.

Book Keeping

For two people:

Breakfast:  $10
Badminton: $free,  Badminton set is an investment.
Lunch: $20
Nap: $Free
Simple Abunance: $110.

Total: $140

Day Map:

View SimpleAbundanceWatershed in a larger map

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