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Learn about High Performance Stemware: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here's what you do Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Tuesday, go to the High Performance Stemware Class a the Atlanta Wine School

So, we recommend a lot of wine.   It's time to go deep on what we are drinking it from.  Glasses are just as important as the wine itself in getting the full experience.  Using a glass that is tuned to the variety you're tasting brings out the natural bouquet and flavor.  Here's what you do to find out what's what.  Go to the high performance stemware class at the Atlanta Wine School in Roswell.  From the school:
"Class includes: 
What makes a great wine glass?  How does the shape, balance, material of construction, volume, and curveture of the rim all play a MAJOR role in your perception of the wine? 
Five (5) excellent wines will be used to represent the "Before & After" of tasting in Schott glasses 
These glasses are yours to keep!
  • Cru Classic Red
  • Cru Classic Burgundy
  • Cru Classic Champagne
  • Cru Classic Dessert/Port 
All AWS courses with wine ALWAYS include artisanal cheeses, salumi, olive selection, warmed marcona almonds with olive oil & rosemary, dark chocolate truffles, and a selection of crackers and breads (some are Gluten-Free options)"

Class is from 7-9, and it is $50 per person.  Not bad, especially since you get to keep the glasses.

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Here's what you do on Tuesday

First:  We haven't made breakfast at home for a while.  Let's give it a try.  Use the copper pots we got the other day to make a lobster scramble.  Here's a great recipe from Esquire's 59 best breakfast places in America list.  This particular recipe is from Chef Stephanie Harris at the Island Inn in Monhegan Island, Maine.  They know what they're doing up there.

Copper Ruffoni pots from Anthropologie.  Just what the Here's What You Do chef needs.

Here's an even fancier recipe from David Burke.   Nothing like adding caviar to crank up the decadence. 

Organic Lobster Scramble With Caviar & Creme Fraiche In An Ostrich Egg Shell

4 organic eggs, beaten with two oz milk
2 oz lobster milk
1/2 oz shallots, minced
1 tbsp tomato fondue
2 oz lobster bisque
1 tbsp sweet butter
1 quenelle sour cream
1 oz caviar
1)Crack open ostrich egg shell and clean interior. Use this as a plate. In a sauté pan melt butter.
2)Sautee lobster until cooked tender. Add tomato fondue, lobster bisque, eggs, salt, pepper and cook until soft.
3)Fill up egg shell and top with creme fraiche and caviar. Serve with toast on side.
4)Place dough on work surface; lightly knead 1 minute.
Breakfast is about $20 for two.

Second:  Ok.  We recommend golf from time to time on Here's What You Do.  Golf is a game of constant improvement.  Lessons.  Lessons. Lessons.  Start with a swing evaluation at GolfTEC in Buckhead.  The do a complete evaluation and give you a tailored schedule of courses to get you on the path to great golf.  It's typically around $100, but sometimes you can get a deal.  Just give them a call and ask.

Try a swing evaluation at GolfTEC.

Third: Have some lunch at Seasons 52 in Buckhead.   It's right around the corner from GolfTEC.  Seasons focuses on seasonally inspired ingredients to produce an ever changing menu.  Grab a booth there and try out the flat bread and the plank roasted salmon.  Have a glass of sauvignon blanc with it, very cold.  Yum!  $25 per person.

Lunch at Seasons 52.

Fourth:  Take a nap.  Relax before some heavy stemware learnin'.

Take a nap.  Your bed awaits...

Fifth: Go learn about stemware.  The class is from 7 to 9.  Enjoy the wine and little bites.   $50 per person.

Finally:  Sushi in Roswell at Zest.  Canton St. is a lovely place to be in the Fall evening.  Stop in at Zest and order Yellowtail Jalapeño, the Ahi Poke, or the Kiss of Death Roll.  Pair it with a glass of champagne, or a Sapporo.  Dine the night away.  $30 per person.

Have dinner at Zest.  Nothing like Sushi in Roswell in the Fall.

Book Keeping

For two people:

Breakfast: $20
GolfTEC: $100 - for one person
Lunch: $50
Nap: $Free
Stemware: $100
Zest: $60

Total: $330

Day Map

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