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It's a Gone With the Wind Day: Friday, September 7, 2012

Here's what you do Friday, September 7, 2012.

It's a Gone With the Wind day on Friday.   Let's celebrate that most sweeping of romances that has its birth place right here in Atlanta.  Check out this page for some great history of the film.  Today, we're gonna learn some GWTW history, enjoy some great meals, rock the afternoon away, and see the King and I at the location of 50th anniversary re-premier of GWTW, the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

GWTW premieried to great fanfare at the Loews' Grand Theatre, which stood on the corner of Forsyth and Peachtree streets in downtown Atlanta.  Check out more on the theatre here.  The theatre burned down in 1978, and the Georgia Pacific Tower lives there now.  But, the theatre lives on in history and in the form of Houston's restaurant on Peachtree, where the bricks were reused in memory.  We're going to lunch there on Friday. 

Gone with the Wind premiered at the Loew's Grand Theatre in 1939.

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Here's what you do Friday

First:  Breakfast at Empire State South.  It's just across the street the Margaret Mitchell house.  And it's so good.  Take a seat at one of the tables outside.  Have the daily quiche, and a cup of coffee.  So good.  $6 per person.

Breakfast is served Monday to Friday, 7AM to 10:00AM.

Second: The Margaret Mitchell house is across the street from Empire State South on 10th and Peachtree streets.  Mitchell lived in an apartment here while she wrote Gone With the Wind.  It's now been converted into a museum that's run by the Atlanta History Center.  From their site:

"Operated by the Atlanta History Center, the Margaret Mitchell House features guided tours of the apartment where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind, a Gone With the Wind movie exhibition, an exhibition showcasing the life and times of one of America’s most famous authors, and the Margaret Mitchell gift shop."

Margaret Mitchell penned here 1936 novel, Gone With the Wind, at her apartment on 10th and Peachtree .

The Margaret Mitchell House makes a great way to learn about GWTW.
Tickets are $13 for general admission, $22 for two.

ThirdLunch at Houston's on Peachtree.  Houston's has a special place in GWTW history.  The bricks from the Loew's Grand Hotel were recycled after the fire and used in the construction of Houston's on Peachtree.  The ambiance is superb there.  Dark booths with pin point spot lights, leather, lots of intimacy. And the food is pretty darned good too.  Try out the crab cake, sashimi tuna salad, or the cheeseburger. They're so good.  $30 per person.
The burger at Houston's is sublime.

Fourth:  Rock on the Porch and take a nap.  There's nothing better in the Fall than rocking on your front porch with some lemonade and watching Friday afternoon go by.  When you're ready, take a nap to get ready for tonight.

Nothing like a rock on the porch on a Fall Friday afternoon in Atlanta.
Fifth: Early dinner at Ecco.  Have their Gone With the Wind inspired Lemonade Provencal.   Eric - head bartender and all round good guy - recommends it for a true GWTW experience.  Tell him Here's What You Do sent ya!

The Lemonade Provencal -  tart lemonade w/ vodka, hint of lavender and a sugared lemon peel - is Ecco's recommendation for the perfect GWTW cocktail.

After lemonade, it's dinner time.  Take advantage of Midtown restaurant week and have the $25 3-course prix fixe dinner menu.  Start with the goat cheese.  It's Ecco's most famous dish, and for good reason.  Fried goat cheese, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with fresh cracked black pepper.  Amazing!  Have the pappardelle next.  The pasta is amazing.  Then, the olive oil, sea salt & chocolate ice cream.  Olive oil ice cream is so, so good!  Make your rez for 5:30 or 6, so you can take your time and still make the King and I at the Fox.  $40 per person.

Finally:  It's time for The King and I at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Peachtree.    Did you know that in 1989, the Fox held the 50th anniversary re-premiere of GWTW?  They decorated the theatre to look like Tara, Scarlett's beloved plantation.  No better place to finish up your GWTW day than here.

The Kind and I is the charming story of a British governess brought into the court of Siam to tutor the King's many children. Once within the splendor of the Royal Palace, Anna and the King grow to understand one another and learn about each other's cultures. This unique love story is told with one of the most glorious and unforgettable scores ever written. The much-loved songs and sweeping melodies from the show include: "The March of the Siamese Children," "Getting to Know You," "I Whistle a Happy Tune," "Hello Young Lovers" and the unforgettable "Shall We Dance." 

See the King and I at the Fox Theatre

The show stars Victoria Mallory as Anna and Ronobir Lahiri as The King of Siam.  Tickets are about $80 for zone B orchestra - a good spot.  You can get them here.  Show starts at 8p.

Book Keeping:

For two people,

Breakfast: $12
Margaret Mitchell: $22
Lunch: $60
Rock and Nap: $Free
Dinner: $80
King and I: $160

Total: $334

Day Map:

View GWTW in a larger map

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