Saturday, September 1, 2012

Braves V. Phillies. It's Bark in the Park: Sunday, September 2, 2012

Here's what you do Sunday, September 2, 2012.

It's Braves v. Phillies on Sunday at 5:05 at Turner Field.

Sunday is Bark in the Park at Turner Field.  Go watch the Braves play the Phillies with your favorite pooch!  You can get tickets here.  We recommend sections 107 - 115, right there at the dugout.  The game is on at 5:05pm at Turner Field.  Go get a hotdog or two and some suds and see why it's America's favorite pass time.  (about $90 per person, plus $20 for drinks and snacks).

Get your seats in sections 105, 107, 109, 111, or 113.

It's Bark in the Park on Sunday.  Bring your favorite pooch to watch the game!

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Here's what you do on Sunday

First:  Take it easy at home on Sunday Morning, and watch CBS Sunday Morning!  We've said it before.  We'll say it again.  It's the best show on TV.  Stay in bed and enjoy.  Have some coffee with it too.  Wanna learn about the French press?  Check out this video with Chef Jasper from Parisi coffee.

Second: Brunch at South City Kitchen.  They have awesome fried chicken and waffles.  They have great ambiance.  They have a killer bloody Mary.  Go enjoy!  $30 per person.

South City Kitchen brings some great brunch to the table on Sundays.

Third: A walk in the park with your favorite pooch.  Head over to Piedmont Park and walk around the lake with you favorite pooch.

Fourth:  Take a nap.  Gotta get over your brunch, and ready for the game.  Follow the perfect bed rules.

Take a nap to get ready for the game.

Finally:  Head to the game.  Jump in the car with Fido and head over to see the Braves.

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Brunch: $60
Walk in the Park: $Free
Nap: $Free
Braves: $200

Total: $260

Day Map:

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