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Ben Folds Five at the Tabernacle: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here's what you do Tuesday, September 18, 2012

See Ben Folds Five at the Tabernacle on Tuesday night.

They're reunited and it feels so good!  Recently, Ben Folds Five re-united and put out an album for the first time in ten years.  And, they're having such fun in the process.  Their tour hits the ATL tomorrow at the tabernacle.  You gotta go!  From a recent Rolling Stone interview,

"The Sound of the Life of the Mind [the new album] reflects Folds’ evolution as an introspective songwriter, while still retaining his typically humorous spin on life." 

Remember Brick?  It's one of those songs that defined the late nineties.  See how BFF has evolved on Tuesday night.

Tickets on StubHub start at $46.  Get them here.

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Here's what you do Tuesday

First: Picasso said sun in my belly is what made him create.  One thing's for sure.  Sun in my belly on College Ave will make your belly happy.  Go there for Brunch.  Order the quiche of the day, or a bowl of berries, or Kirkwood breakfast.  It's all good.  ($15 per person)

Have the berry bowl at Sun in My Belly.

Quiche and grits at Sun in My Belly.  Yum!

Did you know SIMB has a blog focusing on their catering business?  It's awesome!  Great source of ideas for events you might be planning.    Check it out here.  

Check out Sun in my Belly's blog.

SecondCroquet in Piedmont Park.  Reliving your childhood is da bomb, and croquet is a good way to do it!  First, you need equipment.  Get it at Target, or at this cool online site called Nine Holes Anywhere.   Target has a set for $52 that'll work.  Note you have to order the equipment ahead of time if you order online.  A croquet set is a good investment, so go for it.  Also, get some water, or other beverages (you know what I'm talkin' about) to fight the summer heat.  You can play croquet all year round, just adjust the beverage temperature accordingly. 
Croquet, it's where it's at!

Piedmont Park, great place for Croquet
Piedmont Park is Atlanta's central park.  Go hang out on the hill right next to 10th street.  Find a flat spot and set up your croquet course.  Play in teams if there's many of you.  Makes it more fun.  Make a bet at the beginning of the game of what the loser has to do.  Last time we played, the losing team had to do cartwheels around the course.  This is much more difficult than you remember when you get to 40.  Trust me!  ($ - $52 for croquet set, $10 for drinks)

Third:  Nap time.  Time to recharge.

Fourth: AntiquiTEA.  Meghan Tierney is a PhD candidate in the Art History Department at Emory University.  She'll be hosting an afternoon tea at the Carlos Museum Reception Hall at 4 on Tuesday.  She's be discussing the image of the flying shaman found in the art of the ancient Nasca civilization.  Admission is $8.

Fifth:  Have a Cuban Sandwich at Glenn's kitchen in downtown Atlanta.   The Glenn hotel is a revived Atlanta treasure.  Hang out in the kitchen for a pre-concert sandwich.  Then, head up to the Sky Lounge on the 12th floor to enjoy the view of Atlanta with a cocktail.   About $35 per person.

Enjoy the view of Atlanta from the Skylounge at the Glenn Hotel, just a few blocks from the Tabernacle.

Finally:  Ben Folds Five.  The show starts at 8.  Have fun!  About $50 per person, plus drinks.

Book Keeping

For two people

Brunch: $30
Croquet: $10 for drinks.  $52 for croquet set is an investment.
Nap: $Free
AntiquiTEA: $20
Dinner at the Glenn: $70
Ben Folds Five: $120

Total: $250 + $52 for croquet set.

Day Map

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