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Atlanta BBQ Festival: Friday September 14, 2012

Here's what you do on Friday, September 14, 2012

Get on down to the 4th Annual Atlanta BBQ Festival.  The ribs are waitin'!

It's that time of year again, my friends.  For BBQ from around town, and around the region.  Atlanta's best restaurants.  50 teams from across the region.  Celeb chefs.  The who's who of BBQ will all be there.  The 4th Annual Atlanta BBQ Festival.  It's goin' down at Atlantic Station this Friday and Saturday.  Take your bib and your appetite, and settle into some BBQ, whatever style you like.  Texas. Carolina. Memphis.  St. Louis.  Kentucky.  Try 'em all and compare.

It's a great place for the whole family.  With a special kids area, market area, live entertainment, and BBQ cooking demos.  It's gonna be a big time!

Now, for the serious business.  How do you get your BBQ?  You can sample from the competing teams.  Chicken drumsticks on Friday for $2 each.  Whole hog and pulled pork samples on Saturday for $1 each.  Just look for the tents with the blue flags.  Don't be shy.

On friday, sample some of competitors chicken drumsticks.  Samples are available starting at 6.  Get 'em while supplies last.

The festival is at Atlantic Station in their special events area.  Tickets are $6 at ticket alternative.

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Here's what you do Friday

First:  A healthy breakfast is a must today.  I mean, we're gonna be chowin' down later.  So, let's try to even the odds, right?!   Fruit is always the best bet.  Check out this page from Fruits and Veggies More Matters on what fruits are in season this Fall.  In addition to pears and pineapples, try out some quinces.  These are Asia fruits that have a mixed pineapple/pear flavor.  Delicious.  Plus, they make a great scrabble word!  $10 for breakfast.

Track down a quince at Whole Foods for breakfast.

Second:  Let's continue our reading on Friday Morning.   The last book was Philip Roth's American Pastoral.  Let's change gears and go to something from F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The Great Gatsby comes to mind.  Leo DiCaprio is doing a film version, opening this Christmas.  What's more exciting is that it's made by Baz Luhrmann, the same guy who did 1996's Romeo & Juliet.  It's rumored he's bringing the same highly stylized feel to Gatsby.  And that'll be nothing but good.

Gatsby is the story of Jay Gatsby.  A New Yorker in the roaring twenties. A self made made - from somewhat dubious means.  A mystery.  He's known for lavish parties he holds in his ostentatious Gothic mansion in West Egg.   He's simultaneously reclusive and gregarious.  In Fitzgerald's novel, he's the centerpoint of a story of mirth and tragedy.  A story that's timeless and very very real.

Pick up a copy at Amazon for $12.99 for your Kindle.  Or, you can get it for $5.95 as an audiobook on iTunes.   Just search on Great Gatsby.  And catch the movie when it comes out.  There's good buzz.

Third:  Have a coffee for lunch.  Hold off on the big meal till this afternoon, so you can really enjoy the BBQ.  Try out Intermezzo on Peachtree in the Brookwood location.  Have a Cafe Au Lait and a piece of cake.  The Bosco is fantastic!  $10 per person.

Intermezzo will give you a nice little break in the middle of your BBQ day!

Fourth:  Get in a little nap before the BBQ.  Gotta get yourself ready.

Fifth:  BBQ time.  Starting time is 4.  The samples start at 6.  Get there with plenty of time to have a beer before the samples.    Closing time is 10.

Finally:  How about a movie?  Regal Atlantic Station is right there.  Go catch a show of the Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It's on at 7:05 and 9:35.  It is the story of a couple (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) who desperately want a child.  And they sure do get one.  A magical child of tender and poignant character who makes them see themselves, and makes their whole town re-awaken.  It'll tug on your heart strings.  But it's worth it.  $10 per person.  Note that parking at Atlantic Station is probably gonna be about $10 for the day.

After BBQ, see the Odd Life of Timothy Green

Book Keeping

For two people

Breakfast: $20
Great Gatsby: $6 - for iTunes AudioBook
Intermezzo: $20
BBQ: $50 - includes tickets, samples, beer and parking.
Timothy Green:  $20

Total: $116

Day Map:

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