Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toga! Toga! Improv Comedy on Friday Night: Friday, August 3, 2012.

Here's what you do Friday, August 3, 2012.

Hang out with the troupe from Automatic Improv on Friay night as they bring the funny, Olympic style.

What's the best Toga party ever?  That's right, Animal House!  Wanna experience the second best?  Here's what you do.  Head on over to Relapse Theater in midtown and check out Automatic Improv on Friday Night.   From the troupe:
"London is really far away & super expensive to get to; plus you'd rather just drink, watch Improv and chant "USA USA USA" in the basement of a comedy club in Midtown Atlanta; right? RIGHT!!!!!!"
It's at Relapse theatre in Midtown.  Starts at 8.  Olympic themed shots will be served, like the 'Micheal Phelp's Bong Water' shot.  And, of course, you can't miss the toga contest!  Get tickets here, or at the door for $10.

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Here's what you do Friday:

First:  Pastry Live!!  It's a 3-day event with baking competitions, seminars, all the latest stuff in the world of pastry and dessert.  Now, we at Here's What You Do might not be at that level, but it would be good to peer into that world, even if for just a Friday Morning.  Get a ticket and go check it out.  Grab a little breakfast there.  Stay for all of Friday morning, from 8:30 - 1.  You'll get to see the student chocolate competition, a seminar on mold making and food casting, and the cake art competition.  Your $50 ticket is good for the whole weekend, so head back over the weekend for the National showpiece championship, chocolatier of the year award, and several others.  You can see the full schedule at their website. ($50 per person).

Check out the student chocolate competition and the cake art competition at Pasty Live!
Second:  Friday afternoon is a great time for lunch at Apres Diem.  This Euro-inspired coffee house in midtown oozes cool.  Go grab a table out on the patio, order a glass of prosecco and the fruits and fromage, and lay back and listen to the lounge.  ($20 per person).

Fourth: Nap.  Get in your summer siesta.  Follow the perfect bed rules.

Fifth:  An early dinner at Abattoir.  This west midtown gastropub puts out a great selection of cheese,  locally sourced small plates, and tasty entrees focused on sublime meats.  Sit at the bar.  It's a square, cast concrete affair.  Very minimalist, very cool.  Try the salumi, cremont and elberton blue for cheese. The pig ears are awesome, as well as the figs.  I often like to stick with small pates at Abattoir, but if you venture into entree territory, try the lamb or the shrimp and grits.  Both amazing.  ($40 per person).

Dinner at Abattoir.  Gets you ready for the Toga party!
Finally:  TOGA! TOGA!  Head on over to relapse theater and get in touch with your inner Belushi. ($10 per person, plus $10 drinks).

Book Keeping:

Pastry Live:  $100
Lunch: $40
Nap: $Free
Abattoir: $80
TOGA: $40

Total:  $260

Day Map:

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