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Sweet Charity: Thursday, August 9, 2012.

Here's what you do Thursday, August 9, 2012.

It's time for a show Thursday.  Go see Sweet Charity at Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville.

Thursday night is play night.  The Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville is putting on a production of Sweet Charity.   This Neil Simon 1960's classic is about a Times Square dance hall "social consultant" - interpreted as dancer who is hired as dancing partner to whoever is willing to pay.  With boundless optimism, she jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend searching for love, but only finding bad treatment and heartache.  Ultimately, the musical is a stage for expressing the desperation of workers trying to escape their "for hire" world, all wrapped up in the social upheaval of the sixties.  Here's a more full synopsis and history.  Tickets are $25 - $35 per person.  Showtime is 8.

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Here's what you do Thursday

First:  Start off with breakfast at Highland Bakery in the Old Fourth Ward.   It's full of great pastry, good coffee, and its got a certain laid back quality that's like a big hug on a morning when you need a little time to rev up for the rest of the day.  Try the breakfast sandwich, Egg and Cheese on ciabatta.  Or, if you wanna go deep, try the Cowboy Benedict.  A southwestern spin on the classic, it's two quesadillas, with seasoned black beans, eggs poached medium and Hollandaise with a spicy corn relish.  Yum.  ($10 per person).   There are also locations in Midtown, and Buckhead.

BTW, Highland Bakery has an excellent bake shop.  Go there to get birthday cakes, and cakes for special occasions.  

Highland Bakery for Breakfast.

Second:  Sometimes it's good to relax and read.  Find a good spot and get into a good book.  We recommend Piedmont Park by the lake, or Aurora Coffee in Virginia Highland.  But, really, any quiet place will do.  Sunrooms and decks are really good.  What to read?  How about Hemingway?  Here's a joke.  Why did the chicken cross the road?  Heminway's punchline would be something like: "To Die.  In the Rain."  Hemingway simplified language.  Distilled it.   In a time when language was flowery and verbose, he sought essence.  He wanted to express all the detail and poignance with the simplest most efficient use of language.  Somehow, he made it more poignant in the end.

The Sun Also Rises is one of my favorites.  Download a copy and get lost in the roaring twenties and the running of the bulls.  ($11.99 for Kindle on Amazon).

Third: Hemingway should have gotten you in the mood for mussels and a nice glass of red for lunch.  Atmosphere in midtown is the place to go.  Their moules marinieres is cooked in white wine, shallots and garlic butter.  Have it with a nice zippy red zinfandel.  ($25 per person).

Have mussels and a glass of red for lunch at Atmosphere.

Fourth:  Take a nap.  Go on.  You deserve it!  Follow the perfect bed rules.

Fifth: Have an early dinner before you head over to Sweet Charity.  Try out Local Republic in Lawrenceville.  Here's the menu.  The burgers are excellent.  Try the Patrick Swayze people!  You'll see why.  Have it with a good beer - take your server's recommendation.  ($30 per person).

Finally:  Sweet Charity.  Enjoy!  ($35 per person).

Book Keeping

Breakfast: $20
Read: $12
Lunch: $50
Nap: $Free
Dinner: $60
Sweet Charity:  $70

Total: $212

Day Map:

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