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Learn some good old fashioned summer entertaining recipes: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here's what you do Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

It's time for cooking class.  On Tuesday night, Cook's Warehouse in East Cobb is teaching a little class called Old-fashioned Summer Entertaining.  And they mean it.  You'll gather round the beautiful cooking kitchen and help out as Miss Stephanie leads your through making:

• Pork Tenderloins and Chicken with Blackberry BBQ Sauce
• BLT Potato Salad
• Tomato Pie
• Corn Salad
• Ice cream Sundaes with Chocolate Hazelnut Amaretto Fudge Sauce
Make an Ice Cream Sundae Tuesday Night
From Cooks Warehouse:

Stephanie Smithmyer will lead you to better summer entertaining.

"Stephanie Smithmyer is a Personal Chef, Caterer, and Food Stylist. She’s owned her own company, Steph de Cuisine, since 2000. She is currently one of the behind-the-scenes sous chefs on TBS “Dinner and a Movie” and also worked on Turner South’s “Home Plate with Marvin Woods” while it was in production. Stephanie was a chef instructor at Kroger School of Cooking for several years until the school’s closing in March of 09. Previously, she helped open the Viking Culinary Art Center. During that time she had the pleasure of working with some of Atlanta’s favorite restaurant chefs and a few celebrity chefs such as Sara Moulton, Alton Brown, Sara Foster, and Nick Malgieri. She also worked with the 2-star Michelin Chef Jean Andre Charial of the Oustau de Baumaniere in Provence, France, while at Viking. Her passion for cooking has earned her recognition as a gourmet cook, hostess and party planner. She’s had over 30 years experience planning, cooking and hosting a variety of events."

Doing these classes is always a blast.  And you get to eat the proceeds!  Class starts at 6:30.  Make sure to make your reservation ahead of time.  ($65 per person).

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Here's what you do Tuesday:

First:  Breakfast at home.  We've been fusing traditional western breakfasts with spicier ingredients lately.  A breakfast burrito one day.  A dahl omelet another.  This time, let's try crepes.  That heavenly french concoction that's kinda like a pancake, but not really.  Recently, I had a goat cheese crepe with chorizo sausage and sweet and sour fig jam at Barcelona in Inman Park.  It. Was. Amazing.  Follow this recipe to get your crepe going.  It's by Michel Nischan on his show, Pure & Simple.  When you're ready to fill the crepe, replace the dandelion greens with some chopped chorizo that you've sauteed in olive oil and a little butter.  Use fig jam, which you can get at Whole Foods, and you're good to go. Magnifique baby!  We'll do a full review of Barcelona very soon.  Keep an eye out for it. ($15)

Second: Go check out an exhibit of emerging artists at the TEW galleries.  The "Four Artist" Summer Show features Maxey Andress, Clem Bedwell, Cathy Hegman, and Steve Hickok.  Gallery opens at 10am.

Four Artist Summer Show is on now at the TEW Gallery.

Four Artist Summer Show is on now at the TEW Gallery.

Third: $2 Buck Tuesday for lunch at Takorea.  Do the math folks.  $2 for a tasty Korean Tako plus $2 for a Tecate = a great lunch on a Tuesday.  Takorea says it's:

"A high energy restaurant and bar bringing together the great flavors of Korean and Mexican street food. An affordable and fun way to explore new foods with an ever changing menu presented by Chef Tomas Lee. Big deck, fun dining room, funky private dining space."

They got that right!  ($8 per person, if you have two tacos and tip)

Have a Korean Tako at $2 Buck Tuesdays at Takorea in Midtown.
Fourth:  Try out a movie Tuesday afternoon.  Far as we're concerned, when Wes Anderson makes a movie, you gotta go.  Rushmore.  The Royal Tenenbaums.  The list goes on.  Go see Moonrise Kingdom.  Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman.  It's got the cast that makes Wes Anderson movies something to behold.  Synopsis:

"Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, two twelve-year-olds fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle." 

It's playing all over.  Midtown Art Cinema at 3:05 is perfect timing.  Go check it out!  ($10 per person).

Fifth:  Nap.  Siesta time.  Follow the perfect bed rules. 

Finally:  Old Fashioned Summer Entertaining.  Head on over to cooking class and improve your entertaining skills.  And get a little dinner in the process!  Note that the recommendation is for the East Cobb kitchen, which might be a little far up in Roswell.  Go.  It's worth the drive.  ($65 per person).

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Breakfast: $15
Art: $Free
Lunch: $16
Movie: $20
Nap: $Free
Cooking Class: $130

Total: $181

Day Map:

View OldFashionedEntertaining in a larger map

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