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Cooking at Anthropologie: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's what you do Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, we recommend a whole bunch of great recipes on Here's What You Do.  But, you gotta have the right kitchenalia - it's a word! - to make it happen.  Here's what you do.  Try out the chef's section at Anthropologie.  Sure, their stores seem to flow with effortless whimsy as your eyes move from dresses to candles to ottomans and bedding.  But the chef's section is where it's at today.  Check out this set of copper pots from Ruffoni.  Did you know copper pots are just absolutely great for creating sauces, sauteeing, etc?  It's because the copper absorbs the heat quickly and spreads it evenly.  Check out this article on copper pots.  Plus, they look pretty darn cool on your pot rack!

Copper Ruffoni pots from Anthropologie.  Just what the Here's What You Do chef needs.

Now, you can find the copper pots in the gifts section on Anthropologie's web site here.  They aren't cheap ($1098), but copper pots are a lifetime investment.  You do get free shipping.  We didn't find any coupons for the pots specifically, but you do get 15% off if you get an Anthro card.  And, Tuesdays at Anthropologie are mark-down day according to Retail Me Not.  So, even if you do buy on-line, go check out the Anthropologie stores here in Atlanta and look for some bargains.  The stores really are a lot of fun.  Stores are at Lenox Mall, Perimeter Mall, and the new, gorgeous store on the West Side.  It's huge!

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Here's what you do Tuesday:

First:  It's definitely a cook at home day.  Try out one of the recipes from Bon Appetit's most interesting breakfasts in the country list.  Today we recommend the shrimp and grits.  If you're an Atlanta cook, you have to know how to make this dish.  Get on it!  ($20)

Shrimp and Grits.  It's one of Bon Appetit's most interesting breakfasts in the country.  Make some at home and enjoy.

Second: Put on on your shopping shoes and head on over to Anthropologie.  Try out the new one on the West side.  It's beautiful.

Westside Anthropologie.

Browse at Anthropologie.  There's a lot to see.

Third: Lunch at Taqueria del Sol on the west side.  You might have to wait in line, but it's worth it.  Have fish tacos with extra lime, and get a glass of spanish wine, a tempranillo. When you're done, head across the parking lot to Star Provisions and browse.  Pay special attention to the cheese shop.  They know what's up.  ($ - $15 per person).

Fourth:  With your new pots on the way, it's time to brush up on some recipes.  A must have is Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Remember Julie and Julia?  Julie (Amy Adams) cooks all 524 recipes from the book in 365 days, and blogs about them as she goes.  Watch the movie if you haven't already.  Meryl Streep does an amazing job.  Get a copy of Mastering the Art, and add it to your permanent collection on a shelf in your kitchen.  It's $22.54 on Amazon for the hard cover, and worth every penny. 

Get Julia Child's Debut Cookbook and Opus

Fifth: Nap.  You've Shopped.  Now it's time to drop.  Follow the perfect bed rules.

FinallyMiller Union for dinner. Start off with a drink the bar at Miller Union.  It's the right thing to do.  Have a bourbon.  On the rocks.  You can't go wrong.  Then, head to your table and start with a bottle of red - a pinot, or maybe a rioja, loving Spanish wine right now.  Take the recommendation from your server for which one.  Good idea.  Then, have the farm egg as you settle in.  It's the right blend of flavors to get you going.  Have the watermelon, salad too.  So fresh.  So good.  Then, the low country boil, or the vegetable plate, or the duck breast.  All melt in your mouth.  I don't envy you the task of choosing.  For desert, try the chocolate olive oil cake.  Anything with fig jam.  Is. Awesome!  The full menu is below.  Do some homework.  Go prepared.  ($50 per person).

Miller Union Dinner Menu

Miller Union Kitchen


feta snack…. 6
seasonal soup of the day…. 6
farm egg baked in celery cream with rustic bread…. 9
field pea hummus, housemade lavash …. 6
sorghum glazed pork belly, peach puree, fennel & red onion slaw … 12
cornmeal johnny cakes, tomato braised pulled pork, serrano-lime slaw …. 12
field pea, snap bean & tomato salad, arugula, sherry vinaigrette ….9
watermelon, tomato, feta, arugula, basil & mint….10
smoked housemade sausages, pickled vegetables, grilled bread, grain mustard…. 11
grit fritters with country ham & thomasville tomme…. 5


griddled poulet rouge, okra, tomatoes, field peas & mint….27
grilled pork loin, griddled grits, peach chutney, watercress & fresh peach…26
low country boil with shrimp, andouille, potatoes, corn & padron peppers ….. 25
pan seared duck breast, sweet corn, butter bean & country ham succotash…29
housemade pork sausage, farro verde, eggplant puree, summer vegetables ….24
scamp grouper, shaved summer squash, fennel & cherry tomatoes, basil pistou …. 30
steamed clams, creamed rice, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, snap beans….. 24
grilled new york strip, eggplant, potato & pepper hash, peanut romesco…39
black bass fillet, okra, tomato & sweet corn maque choux…28
seasonal vegetable plate ….. 22


fried okra….. 6
summer succotash with country ham….. 6
sliced tomatoes ….. 6
summer squash & fennel, lemon vinaigrette….. 5
snap beans & basil ….. 5


caramel-brownie ice cream sundae, cherries, pecans….. 7
chocolate-olive oil cake, fig jam, pistachio ice cream ….7
peach-hazelnut tart, streusel, bay-peach granita….7
roasted pineapple cake, coconut crumble, lime sherbet…. 7
vanilla pot de creme, muscadine-pear jam, peanut cookies ….. 7
scoop of the day ….. 3
cheese of the day with accompaniments …… 6
cake cutting fee: 2.50 per person

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Breakfast: $20
Shopping:  $Up to you.  The pots are an investment
Lunch:  $30
Book: $22.54
Nap: $Free
Dinner: $100

Total: $173

Day Map:

View CookingAtAnthropologie in a larger map

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