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Big Night: Friday, August 31, 2012

Here's what you do Friday, August 31, 2012

Tony Shaloub (AKA Monk) and Stanley Tucci play Primo and Secondo, two Italian brothers trying to make it big as restauranteurs in New York in Big Night, the inspiration for Friday's Here's What You Do...
There's an old saying my friends.

"…dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else. Dinner is the evening." — Art Buchwald

Art had it right.  So should you.  Here's what you do.  Grab five to eleven of your favorite people and have a big dinner.  Make it last and last.  If you want inspiration, watch the movie Big Night.  Monk before he was Monk is in it.  Stanley Tucci is in it.  Minnie Driver, Marc Anthony, Isabella Rossellini.   The list goes on and on.  And it's all about them having dinner.  But, I mean DINNER.  A meal that lasts 12 hours and can only be described as sublime.  That's what Friday night should be this week.  Sublime...

So, we are gonna recommend Barcelona for your revelry.   Tapas.  Spanish wines a plenty.  Big benches outside next to a roaring fire.  You really can't go wrong.   Get a big table.  Get there around 6.   Think of it as Happy Hour and Dinner all combined into one big night.

Get a table outside by the fire.

Barcelona brings the bar!  Try out some of the Spanish wine.  We recommend Volver.

Have the mushrooms and goat cheese, the calamari, the pig ears, the manchego cheese, the lamb chops, the seasonal vegetables - whatever they may be, the albondigas, the olives.  You know what!  I'm just gonna past the whole menu.    It's all good!   For wine, try the Volver.  Just love it.  Also.  Remember that on Sundays that the wines are 1/2 price.  Makes for a very good Sunday.

carne y pescado
6.50 for one or 17.50 for a selection of three

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Here's what you do Friday,

First:  So, you're going to eat a whole feast tonight.  So, you want to keep meals light otherwise.  How about just some yogurt and blueberries for breakfast?  Have Dannon Pure Blueberry yogurt and Driscoll's organic raspberries, both available at Publix.  The yogurt is made from 9 natural ingredients only, and tastes fantastic.    Raspberries are a great source of vitamin C and fiber.  Driscoll's grows their raspberries in Central and Southern California, Central Mexico, and Baja.  They have a wonderful texture paired with the yogurt and bring a unique and welcome sweetness to breakfast. ($10 at Publix).

Dannon Pure Blueberry Yogurt and Driscoll's raspberries for breakfast.  The yogurt is 9 natural ingredients and tastes really good.

Second:  Do a little research on tapas.  You gotta be prepared, and it's just so interesting learning the Spanish approach to food, wine, sleep, love.  Well, almost anything.  They have some wisdom my friends.  Check out this link from our friend Rick Steves on Barcelona.  Or, this one from Katie on Tapas.  Or, check out this video that teaches you a starter's tapas vocabulary.

There's also this blog called Learning Spanish is Fun.  They have a great page on tapas.  Learn all about it!  But my favorite is the siesta.  Check out this wikipedia article on the history of the siesta.

There are some things that connect us all.  Sleep is one.  What could be better than a siesta under a mango tree? 

Third:  Lunch time.  Check out this blog.  Dinner is the Evening.  They have a one on one connection with Art Buchwald's famous line.  And it inspires some really great recipes.  I'd say try to make the August Salad and the Bacon Things for lunch.  Pair with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  You're good to go! Groceries will be about $25 with wine.

August Salad.  Grapes and Cantaloupe and Avocado.  Oh my!

Those Bacon things are da bomb!!!  Have them with the August Salad above for lunch.

Fourth: Watch Big Night!  If you already have a copy, you da man!  If not, then you can get one at Amazon, or on iTunes, or NetFlix.  Rental on iTunes is $3.99.  Get in bed, ready for your siesta, and enjoy!

Fourth:  Siesta time.  Get ready for the big night.  Follow the perfect bed rules.

Take a siesta.  Ernie would recommend it...
Finally:  Big Night!  Head on over to Barcelona with your dearest of friends and get the night going!  About $50 per person.

Book Keeping

For two people

Breakfast: $15
Tapas research: $Free
Lunch: $25
Big Night: $4
Nap: $Free
Barcelona is the Evening: $100

Total: $144

Day Map

View Big Night in a larger map

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