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West African Drum Classes: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here's what you do Tuesday July 24th.

West African Drum Classes, by DrumRise.
It's summer vacation!  Spend the day with a favorite young friend.  Maybe your daughter or nephew, or just some kid you know.  Make one of their summer days memorable.

The main event today is drum lessons.  Did you know that Atlanta is home to some masters of west African drumming?  These are folks who spent years and years in that part of the world, learning the craft.  And, they've brought it back to Atlanta, and wanna teach it!  How. Lucky. Are. We?!   I've been to one of their performances.  Primal and raw and soulful and energy and love.  They remind you that you have a soul, and it wants to move.  So, learn to play the drums today.  The classes are kid friendly.  So, grab your favorite son, daughter, niece, nephew, or just some kid you know, and head on over!  It's held by DrumRise, and it's at 7:30 Tuesday night at Tessitura Studio in Decatur.  Note that you have to sign up here, and that you have to let them know you are doing a drop-in class and that you need them to bring you a drum. ($20 per person, $15 for kids).

Here's what you do on Monday:

First: Breakfast.  There's this hidden gem in Decatur called Pastries A Go Go.  Go, go there and get a croissant or a danish.  If you want something heavier try the biscuits and gravy, or the eggs benedict.  Take a stroll around Decatur square to walk it off and enjoy the summer air before it gets too hot.  ($10 per person).

Second:  Go to the Zoo! Zoo Atlanta has an early bird special.  You save $5 of regular admission if you get there before 10:30.  When you do, go check out the Pandas and Elephants and Giraffes, oh my!  The zoo hosts all kinds of events and programs for families during the summer.  Check it out here.  ($ - $20.99 general admission, $15.99 for kids; both $5 off if you get there before 10:30).

Zoo Atlanta is home to a family of Giant Pandas.  Go hang out with them on Tuesday morning.
Third:  Lunch at Eats.  Eats on Ponce serves up an eclectic blend of Caribbean and southern cuisine.  Jerk chicken, spicy back beans, collard greens, corn bread.  It's healthy, fast, and so good.  I like to get the jerk chicken plate, with cornbread, rice, and blackbeans myself.  But, make sure to check out the menu and take it all in.  ($ - $10 per person).

A jerk chicken plate from Eats for lunch.

Fourth:  Nap.  Get your rest in before the drums.  Follow the perfect bed rules.  ($ - $Free)

Fifth:  Have an early dinner at the Leon's.  Head back to Decatur round 5 and order one of the sandwiches.  The gyro is really good.  For something more formal, try the scallops.  If you want something to remember with your young friend, order the head-on Georgia shrimp and make the shrimp talk to each other.  Leon's also has an outdoor bocce court, and great tables outside.  The temperature on Tuesday is 95, though, so you might want to get a booth inside. ($ - $15 per person).

Finally:  Drum Lessons.  At 7:30,  head on over to the studio and feed your soul.  ($20 per person, $15 for kids).

Book Keeping:

For you and your companion.

Breakfast:  $20
Zoo: $35
Lunch: $20
Nap: $Free :-)
Dinner: $30
Drums: $35

Total: $140

Day Map:

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