Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Want a Perfect Bed? Here's what you do...

We talk a lot about naps in Here's What You Do.  Having the perfect bed is a must for all those naps.

You could spend a fortune on your bed.  But, we find Pottery Barn strikes the best balance between comfort and cost.  A good basic sheet set is top priority.
First, temperature.  Make your bedroom cool, cooler than the rest of your house.  I like about 70 degrees, but you decide.  If you're lucky enough to get a cool Atlanta day in the spring or Fall, where the pollen count is low and the breezes are high, open your windows and soak in the Atlanta air.

Second, Box Spring and Mattress.  The general opinion is that the best box spring and mattress really depends on the person.  Check out this article on WebMD.  We prefer a pillow top from Sealy, but you really have to go down and kick the proverbial tires.

Third, Mattress Pad. A thick, fluffy down mattress pad is a must.  Go way thicker than you think you need.  You can actually find them at Homegoods at a reasonable price.

Fourth, Sheets.  You could spend a fortune on sheets.  But, we find Pottery Barn strikes the best balance between comfort and cost.  Pottery Barn sheet sets are a perfect illustration of the fact that thread count isn't everything.  It's the quality of the threads.  At only 200 thread count, but made of 100% pure organic cotton, these sheets are some of the softest you'll find.

The Elly Organic Sheet Set from Pottery Barn.  A great way to get your bed started.

Fifth, Duvet.  For the cooler months, get a duvet or comforter and coordinated pillow cases and shams.  Always go with down.  It's insulative qualities are second to none.  You can get the actual duvet at Homegoods, to save your budget for the linens.   For linens - duvet cover, pillow cases, and shams - go to Pottery Barn or Joss & Main.  The beautiful bed section at Joss & Main is a great place to start.  At Pottery Barn, go for the organic cotton duvet cover.

The Candace Comforter Set from Joss & Main

Sixth, Pillows.  Ralph Lauren makes fantastic pillows.  Get the down or feather pillows.  They can be found at Macy's, or sometimes at Homegoods if you're on a budget.

Finally, Accouterments.  There are some things you should have next to your bed.  A glass of water is essential.  Make sure to use high quality spring water.  FIJI is great.  Make sure to put the water in a glass before you start napping, and have half right before you start your nap and half right after you wake up.

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