Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Land is Your Land; Woody Guthrie's 100th Birthday

Here's what you do Sunday Evening, July 15, 2012.

Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday is July 14, 2012.  Celebrate in Atlanta.

He inspired thousands of musicians, including Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, both self-proclaimed super fans.  Ever notice how Bob Dylan kinda looked and talked like Woody Guthrie?  Not an accident.  He left us with perhaps the most uplifting American folk song to ever be recorded - "This Land is your Land."  He's Woody Guthrie.  And, across the country, his fans are celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth, July 14, 2012.   Check out this NPR story on the archives of his work at the Smithsonian.

Atlanta is joining in the celebration too.  Here's what you do:

First:   Have a beer.  Go check out The Brickstore in Decatur.  With the best selection of Belgian beer in town, this "Everybody knows your name," hang out is a great place to just be on a Sunday evening.  Go at about 6 to get a good seat.  Try to get seats at the lower bar.  It's a ton of fun there, and don't be surprised if you end up in a discussion about beer, atheism, determinism, or Justin Bieber.  Try a St. Bernardus (St. B), or a Weihenstephaner (affectionately referred to as a Gwen Stephani, particularly if you'd had a few of them).  The foods pretty good there too.  I really like the burger.  Give it a shot.  ($ - $20 per person)

Second:  Go check out John McCutcheon who's playing the Woody Guthrie 100th Birthday Party at Eddie's Attic.  Right around the corner from the Brickstore, you can just walk on over.  John is a veteran master of multiple instruments, and a loved folksinger.  He'll certainly be channeling Woody tonight! Show starts at 7:30 ($ - $25 per person + $10 per person for drinks).

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For two people:

Dinner: $40
Show:  $70

Total: $110

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