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Snake in the Bluegrass

Here's what you do Thursday, July 12, 2012. (or Friday, July 13, or Saturday, July 14)

The star event of today is The Whiskey Gentry with Seven Handle Circus and the High Strung String Band at Smiths Olde Bar.  If you've been anywhere except under a rock in Atlanta over the last couple years, you'll know that the Gentry is taking off.  Anchored by husband and wife team, Jason Morrow and Lauren Staley Morrow, the band is rounded out by a rambunctious team of bluegrass talent.  Lauren's angelic voice will hypnotize you, so be ready.

Note:  Go get your tickets on ticket alternative right now!  $12 each.  Also, if you can't make Thursday, the Gentry is playing at Smiths on Friday, 13th, and Saturday 14th.  It might be tough to get tickets those days, but give it a try and just shift this day plan to whatever day you can get tickets for.

The Whiskey Gentry, Atlanta's own Bluegrass-Punk Sensation
Here's what you do:

First:  Start the day with breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, say around 9.  Go to the original Flying Biscuit in Candler Park.  Franchised of late, the FB is losing some of its charm, but the original FB is still darn good.  The 40 minute wait on weekends should prove that!  The place that inspired it all, the original FB has the purple and green Dr. Suess feeling and well-worn crooked wood floors.  Have the egg-ceptional eggs (eggs on black bean cakes topped with over-roasted tomatillo salso, feta & sour cream), the Clifton omelette (Three large farm fresh eggs stuffed with goat cheese and mushrooms, topped with warm tomato coulis and basil, served with creamy dreamy grits), or the daily scramble.  ($ - $10 per person).

Second: Shopping in Candler Park.  Walk off your breakfast by checking out the store fronts in Candler Park next to the Flying Biscuit.  Donna Van Gogh's art consignment shop has great work from local artists.  Ask to see some Chris Warner work.  Full Moon records has a lot of vinyl you might have been looking for to get your old turntable going again.  And, there's great vintage dress shopping - including wedding dresses - in Kelly's closet and the Bridal Shop. ($ - $Free to window shop.  Buy if something strikes your fancy).

Fourth: Croquet in Piedmont Park.  Reliving your childhood is da bomb, and croquet is a good way to do it!  First, you need equipment.  Get it at Target, or at this cool online site called Nine Holes Anywhere.   Target has a set for $52 that'll work.  Note you have to order the equipment ahead of time if you order online.  A croquet set is a good investment, so go for it.  Also, get some water, or other beverages (you know what I'm talkin' about) to fight the summer heat.  You can play croquet all year round, just adjust the beverage temperature accordingly.
Croquet, it's where it's at!

Piedmont Park, great place for Croquet
Piedmont Park is Atlanta's central park.  Go hang out on the hill right next to 10th street.  Find a flat spot and set up your croquet course.  Play in teams if there's many of you.  Makes it more fun.  Make a bet at the beginning of the game of what the loser has to do.  Last time we played, the losing team had to do cartwheels around the course.  This is much more difficult than you remember when you get to 40.  Trust me!  ($ - $52 for croquet set, $10 for drinks)

Third:  Do a late Lunch at Murphy's.  One of the anchors of the Virginia Ave. and Highland Ave.  intersection is Murphy's.  Established by Tom Murphy and now continued by his family, Murphy's is great fun, and great food.  Try the mango chicken salad, Waldorf chicken salad sandwich, or shrimp and Georgia grits stew.  Have a glass of very chilled sauvignon blanc, and enjoy a good conversation with your companion.  ($ - $25 per person)

Fifth: Nap.  Everyday needs a nap.  Get one in around 4 so that you have energy for the Gentry.  Follow the rules in our Perfect Bed post, and enjoy! ($ - $Free)

Sixth: Time to get happy.  Have pizza and wine at Antico Napoletana.  Go at 6 to make sure you have time to get to the Gentry.  First, Antico doesn't sell wine, but they freely allow you to bring it to dinner.  Go get a good bottle at Mac's on your way.  Mac's has a highly educated staff of wine guys that can really help you out.  Try to get a good brunello, sangiovese, or valpolicella.  Also, get some plastic wine glasses with stems.

Atlanta's hottest pizza place, Antico brings a whole new dimension to rustic dining.  Here's what you do.  First, find parking.  On Thursday night, you have a good chance of getting a spot either in their small parking lot in front of the place, or across the street in the gravel lot.  If that doesn't work out, try parking on Ethel.  Make sure not to go too far into Home Park (east on Ethel).  You need a permit.

Antico Napoletana, Artisanal pizza with a whole lot of charm
Walk into the non-descript store front and order your pizza at the counter.  Then, walk on back into the pizza kitchen where they have wood benches and high tables.  Find a seat, pour some wine, sit back and take in the smells, sights, and sounds as the team of pizza chefs go about their work of making your pizza.

Antico makes pizza in the verace artignale style (true artisan).  They use refractory sorrento stone pizza ovens rolling along at 900 degree temps to slightly char the thin crust pies, which are topped with hand crushed San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella di bufulata cheese from Campania, the best extra virgin olive oil, and lots of different toppings, all from Napoli.  Try the margherita - add pepperoni to it for some spice.  They'll bring you your pizza as soon as its ready.  Dig in!  Get your wine on.  Get ready for the Gentry.  ($ - $20 per person including wine)

Finally:  The Whiskey Gentry.  Check them out with Seven Handle Circus and the High Strung Sting Band at Smiths Olde Bar, starting at 8.  Get your tickets at ticket alternative.  ($ - $12 per person plus $10 per person for drinks)

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Breakfast: $20
Shopping: $Depends on if you buy
Croquet: $62, ($52 for the set)
Lunch: $50
Nap: $Free
Dinner: $20 for wine, $20 for food
The Gentry: $24 for tickets, $20 for drinks

Total: $216, plus you get a croquet set

Day Map:

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