Saturday, June 30, 2012

Man, it's a hot one!!

June 30, 2012, Atlanta, High - 106 degrees

Here's what you do on a hot summer Saturday:

First:  Get up early.  In Atlanta, the hottest summers can put you at 100 degrees by 10 am.  So, up at 8 and off for breakfast.  Go to Empire State South down in Midtown.  Try Hugh's Breakie (grilled bread, local cheese, fresh fruit, butter & jam), or the organic steel cut oatmeal drizzled with honey.  Coffee or fresh squeezed OJ.  Leave the real drinking to golf, which is next!  Take a paper with you and sit outside in the courtyard.  It'll be the last time it's cool outside till about 10pm tonight, so enjoy while it lasts!  ($ - about $24 for two people, don't forget to get parking validated)

Ryan Smith and Hugh Acheson, Chefs at Empire State South

Second: You've heard of Bikram Yoga, right?  Downward facing dog in 110 degree temps.  How about Bikram golf?  It's the most civilized way to tempt death in Atlanta.  Go do 9 holes on the par 3 course at Fox Creek on Windy Hill Road.  They'll rent you clubs if you need, so no excuses.  Make a deal with the cart girl to bring you a beer each time she laps the course.  Play fast too, since you wanna be done by noon.  That's when it really starts to get hot.  There's nothing to compare to getting in a good 9 holes and then retreating to the air conditioning of the club house before the sun gets you!  Don't forget sunscreen.  Golf courses are interchangeable, as long as you can do 9 holes in two hours.  ($ - about $65 for two people, includes beer)

Nikki and me on the 9th tee at Fox Creek in 106 degrees.  Despite our chipper look, we were about done!

Third: Ok, it's noon and you're pooped.  You're a little hungry - maybe peckish.  Above all, you need air conditioning.  Here's what you do.  Go to C&S Seafood on Cobb Parkway (GA41) down close to Vinings.  Have a shrimp cocktail.  The shrimp there is huge, and so fresh!  Share a glass of prosecco with it.   The bubbles will help with cooling down.  ($ - about $30 for two people)

Fourth:  Every good day needs a nap, and this is no exception.  It's about 1:30 now.  Head home, jump into your AC-chilled bed (see our blog post on how to make a good bed), and snore if you please. ($ - about $0 for two people, ;-)

Fifth:  After an extra long nap, it's tea time, biatch!!  Today we are taking it easy, so tea will be at home.  Try a strawberry tart from Whole Foods (you have to get this earlier in the week and have it ready) and some Tazo awake tea.   Awake should be dressed with milk and sugar, but anything goes this side of the pond, so feel free to sub out your tea for green tea, iced tea, long island tea.  Whatever you like.  Well, long island tea might not be advisable, but you decide.  ($ - about $10 for two people, don't forget to go shopping earlier in the week)

Sixth: Tea time should blend into getting ready for dinner time.  Here's some good music to listen to while you get ready.  LoungeOne on Spotify.  Note that this is Spotify Playlist.  If you don't have Spotify, get it!!  Free music (with commercials if you don't get the premium service).  Anyway, take your time getting ready.  Dinner is at 7, so you can dance around your living room, model what you'll wear, and just be silly.  Have a real drink at this point too.  Maybe a martini, or a good glass of Argentine Malbec.

Finally:  Tonight, dinner is the star of the evening.  Here's a secret.  Some very good restaurants in Midtown are super busy during the week with business folks, but business drops off on the weekend.  Go to one of those.  They're the best restaurants in town, and you won't feel like a sardine.  Tonight, let's try Ecco.  Get a romantic table in the dining room, or you might even want to sit at the bar and talk to bartenders Eric, Brent, or any of the lively folks there.  Ecco is a hot spot for celebrity siting, for meeting new people, or for just getting your drink on.  Their menu is filled with carefully chosen charcuterie, cheeses, pasta, flatbread, and complex and wonderful entrees.  Their fried goat cheese balls are on the 100 things you have to eat before you die list in Creative Loafing.  Drizzled in honey, they taste like heaven.  And, you can joke all night about having goat balls.  Try the charcuterie here too.  Mortadella (pork and pistachio sausage), Porcini (pork salami with porcini mushrooms), and Finocchiona (pork salami with fennel seed).  For the less meat-interested, try the cavetelli, or the Hake.  Wonderful.  For dessert, try the cheesecake.  A chevre-based cake, with red wine-honey fig, lavendar, and fennel.  ($ - about $80 for two people if sharing, $120 if not)

Chevre Cheesecake at Ecco - a very good birthday cake indeed.

Book Keeping

Breakfast - 24
Golf - 65
Lunch - 30
Nap - Nothing
Tea - 10
Music - Nothing
Dinner - 80

Total - $219

Day Map

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