Saturday, July 7, 2012

Haircut Day: Here's what you do...

So, you need a haircut.  It's Saturday and you wanna have some fun.  Here's what you do.

First:  Breakfast.  Have Dannon Pure Blueberry yogurt and Driscoll's organic raspberries, both available at Publix.  The yogurt is made from 9 natural ingredients only, and tastes fantastic.    Raspberries are a great source of vitamin C and fiber.  Driscoll's grows their raspberries in Central and Southern California, Central Mexico, and Baja.  They have a wonderful texture paired with the yogurt and bring a unique and welcome sweetness to breakfast. ($ - $9 at Publix).

Dannon Pure Blueberry Yogurt and Driscoll's raspberries for breakfast.  The yogurt is 9 natural ingredients and tastes really good.

Second:  Book your haircut.  There's lots of good salons in Atlanta.  The best idea is to create a friendship with your stylist.  Whether he/she works in a small shop, large spa-like salon, or even makes house calls, you need to include your stylist as one of your peeps - in the circle of folks you buy christmas presents for.   Here are some options in Atlanta:

Van Michael - Van Michael Salon brings happiness in the form of up-to-the-minute cuts, wonderful scalp massages, dynamic stylists, and just plain pampering.  With many locations around Atlanta, you can either get a cut in the New Talents section if you're on a budget, or with one of the master stylists.  I recently got a cut from Erin, a master stylist at the Buckhead salon.  She dropped some serious hair cutting science as she explained how she was cutting my hair and why.  Never use clippers, it makes your hair look rough and heavy two weeks later.  Don't make a single cut across the hair, cut in diagonal short strokes to remove any evidence of the cut.  All this, while carrying on a conversation about the best resorts to go to in Jamaica.  Go see Erin, people. ($ - ranges quite a bit depending on what you have done, my cut was $63 + $17 tip).  Note that it's tough to get an appointment on the day of at Van Michael, so you might want to call ahead, by at least a few days.

Van Michael Salon, Buckhead.

Boardroom - If you're up in the Powers Ferry area, near Windy Hill Rd., go check out Boardroom salon.  Owned and run by the incomparable Donna Toland Korchia, this salon is great fun.  They offer a full range of services - cut, color, massage, etc. - and great conversation on top of it.  They're in the process of expanding right now, thanks to many years of great service. Say hi to Donna for me!  ($ average cut is $30)

Try to book your cut for mid afternoon.

Third: Feed your soul at the High Museum.  Named after Atlanta's High family, the High is Atlanta's top spot for art appreciation.    After a good breakfast, it's a pleasure to stroll around the Richard Meier designed main building and look at their collection.  Right now, the hottest exhibit is KAWS: DOWN TIME.   From the High, 
"Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, widely known as KAWS, enlists the seemingly incongruent techniques of pop art, toy-making, graffiti, product design, and sculpture to create a body of work that is at once universal and provocative."concerting and delightful. This will be the largest exhibition of KAWS’s work to date.
Down time will be closing July 29, 2012, so make sure to visit soon.  ($ - $19.50, $16.50 for students, $12 for children 6-17, $0 for kids below 6)

A sample of work from KAWS at the High.
Membership at the High has its privileges, including free admission to view the art exhibits, free admission to some entertainment events, membership level previews of exhibits, a subscription to the museum magazine and many other perks.  We highly recommend it.  Think of it this way, if you go three times to the High this year, your membership is paid for ($65 for general membership).

Fourth: Get your Noodle on.  Noodle - on Peachtree across from the Vortex - call themselves a Pan Asian Noodle House.  All we know is they have some kick-butt noodles.  Get the Thai Peanut Noodle or the Lo Mein Noodle.  Both come in big bowls and are totally satisfying.  A great place for an inexpensive lunch.  ($ - around $10 per person).

Fifth (or sixth): Haircut.  Depending on when you got your appointment, the haircut might be fifth before your nap, or sixth, after.  Either way, you'll be having your cut right after a nap - good.  Or, you'll have a nap to look forward to when your cut is done - good.  

Sixth (of fifth): Nap.  We strongly believe in naps at Here's What You Do.  Today is no exception.  Whether before or after your cut, follow the rules in our post about the perfect bed and you're good to go.  ($ - $0, ha!)

Seventh: Dinner at Nan.  Carry on the Asian theme from lunch by going to Nan for dinner.  Located on the corner of 17th and Spring, Nan is perhaps the best overall Thai restaurant in Atlanta.  With a main dining room that boasts towering ceilings, a raised main dining area, and white tablecloth service from servers with authentic Thai garb, Nan is the bomb!  Not just any bomb; a refined one.  :-)  For dinner, have the Poh Pia for appetizer, a combination of vegetarian steamed basil rolls and crispy tamarind spring rolls. For the entree, have the Gang Panang Nuea, slow braised beef short ribs with panang curry and kaffir lime.  ($ - about $50 per person, with wine)

Finally: Sandra Hall is on at Blind Willies tonight.  Raunchy. Lewd. Empress of the Blues.  That's what they call her.  Go.  Get a table right up front.  Watch out though, you might end up on stage.  For her main number, she asks men in the audience if they've held a "whopper".  Tip, she's not talkin' bout hamburgers.  One lucky guy gets called up on stage for some close personal contact.  Go, you'll see.  Make sure to tip your servers very well there too, and be nice.  It'll go a long way. ($ - $12 cover and $15 per person for drinks).

Sandra Hall, Empress of the Blues.  See her at Blind Willies.

Book Keeping

For two people, haircut for one.

Breafkast - $9
The High Museum - $39
Lunch - $20
Haircut - $80 - if you go to Van Michael
Nap - $0
Dinner - $100
Blind Willies - $54

Total - $302

Day Map

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