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Get your Spin On with Eric! Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's what you do Wednesday, July 25, 2012.

Have you seen this man?  He's out to make you fit!  Go take Eric's Spin Class at LA Fitness in Midtown.
Ok, so, Here's What You Do recommends a whole bunch of really good food all round Atlanta.  At some point, you gotta work it off.  We have just the right guy to get you there.  Eric Aarons, spin class instructor extraordinaire, brings it every Monday and Wednesday at noon down at LA Fitness Midtown.  Sign up for the class, bring your energy and something to wipe the sweat with, and work off that 800 calories you had yesterday.  Eric is known for his high energy style and the fantastic playlists he puts together just for the class.  Check out the playlists here on Spotify.  Get a day pass to attend the class.  Join the gym and go twice a week if you really get into it. So, so good for you. ($ - $15)

P.S.  If Eric looks familiar, it's because he's also head bartender at Ecco, where he brings some very inventive and award winning cocktails to the table.  We'll have a post on Atlanta cocktails soon.  Stay tuned.

P.P.S.  Eric recommends the Body For Life approach to diet and exercise. Basically, that boils down to 6 smaller meals a day, varied exercise from day to day, and - best of all - a day off each week for cheating.  The psychology behind that is fascinating.  Apparently, if you know you are going to get a day off, then you're much less likely to cheat the rest of the week.  Isn't that cool?!  How about this?  On Wednesday, we are going to try to do Body for Life.

Here's what you do on Wednesday:
Get some Pears!

First:  Meal #1. Have some cottage cheese, yogurt, and blue berries.  Super foods that will get you going.  Enjoy them on your deck while the temperatures are still low.  Also, take a good multivitamin today.  ($ - $5 per person).

Second:  Shopping at the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  So, it's not that much of a secret, but it's really quite a treat to go to the Farmer's Market.  Their stuff is fresh, and authentic, and tastes so good.  They get in new produce every day.  Actually, just focus on fruit this morning.  Try to get something you haven't had in a while, or that you've never had.  Get whole coconut and crack into it when you get home and drink the water.  It's like a mini vacation to Jamaica.  Or, pick up some pears.  They're in season now, and so good.  ($ - $20 per person).

Third: Meal #2. Before the workout, have lots of water and try a Zone protein bar, which you can get a Publix.  They're good for ya, and will get you prepared.  ($ - $1 per person)

Fourth:  Work Out!  Get to LA Fitness around 11:30 and get ready for a 45 minutes of high energy spin class.  Eric will lead you through.  Push yourself.  Eric says the important parts are 1) the sweat, and 2) the music.  Enjoy both.  When you're done drink some water and take a long shower.  You'll get a nap in the afternoon to recover. ($ - $15 per person).

Fifth: Meal #3. Head on over to the Imperial Fez from 2-4, and learn how to make Moroccan food with chef Rafih Benjelloun.  They'll  give you a little sample in the end that'll work just fine as meal #3.  ($ - $25)

Sixth:  Nap.  You'll really enjoy the nap today after your workout.  Don't forget to follow the perfect bed rules!

Seventh:  Meal #4.  Some fruit is just the ticket for Meal #4.  Have a pear and a cup of tea and read some of your favorite blog posts from Here's What You Do.  :-).  ($ - $Included in shopping this morning)

Take in a couple hours at the pool this afternoon.
Eighth:  Take in a couple hours at the pool.  It's starting to cool off now, and the pool is a great place to lay back and relax.  You might have one at your condo, or you might try the pool in Grant Park.  Either way.  Enjoy.

Parish in Inman Park for dinner.
Ninth: Meal #5.  Try out Parish in Inman Park.  Half grocery, half restaurant.  Parish has great ambiance, and really good locally sourced food.  Remember you're doing small meals.  So, just try an appetizer.  Maybe the boqurones (grapefruit, fennel, and serrano oil) or the squash salad.  Or, share the springer mountain chicken with your date.  Try a little glass of sauvignon blanc to pair.  ($ - $15 per person).

Finally:  Finish off the day with a relaxed read.  Try Broken Harbor, by Tana French.  Here's what the NYT has to say about this psychological thriller:

"Ms. French’s books all give the same first impression. They start slowly and seem to need tighter editing. But...she patiently lays her groundwork, then moves into full page-turner mode."

Have a cup of green tea and a small cookie for meal #6.  I'd recommend a milano from pepperidge farm.  Yum!  ($ - $17 for the book, $5 for Meal #6 per person).
Have a cup of green tea and a milano before bed

Book Keeping:

For Two People:

Meal #1 - $10
Farmer's Market - $40
Meal #2 - $3
Work Out - $30
Imperial Fez and Meal #3 - $50
Nap - $Free
Meal #4 - $Included in shopping
Pool - $Free
Meal #5, Parish - $30
Read and Meal #6 - $27

Total:  $190.

Day Map:

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