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Follow the Lure: Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here's what you do Saturday, July 28, 2012.

Love seafood?  Go check out Lure!
There's a new seafood place in town.  On Crescent street, off 14th.  Decor is awesome.  It takes you to New England light houses and enormous old sail boats.  Chef David Bradley's food is even better.  Get a table or hang out with Brent at the bar, and settle in.  Start with a "Say What!"  A mix of bulleit rye, lazzaroni amaretto, lemon juice, simple syrup, chamomile bitters.  When I went, my friend took a sip and wouldn't give it back to me!  Once you're settled in with your drink, ease into an experience with Quahog clams (yes, the same Quahog from Family Guy), and platters of peel-n-eat shrimp, salmon tartare, squid ceviche and crab salad.  For an entree, try the sole, grouper, or find out the market fish of the day.  If you get a chance to look up from eating, you might spot a celeb or two.  Keep an eye out.  Give this place a try!  Call ahead to make a reservation.  404.817.3650 ($ - $50 per person).

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Here's what you do on Saturday:

Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon for Breakfast.
First:  Breakfast.  Yesterday was French Toast.  Today, go to New York and have bagel with cream cheese and Lox or smoked salmon.  Know the difference between smoked salmon and Lox?  Both are salmon, but smoked salmon is first soaked in brine and then either cold or hot-smoked.  Lox is specifically Scandinavian Salmon, and it is just soaked in brine, no smoking.  Check out this blog for a more detailed explanation.  Anyway, get bagels, cream cheese with chives, smoked salmon, capers, red onion, and lemon at Whole Foods.  Toast the bagel lightly, smear the cream cheese, add the salmon, capers, and onion.  Garnish with lemon and add coarse fresh cracked black pepper to taste.    ($ - $10 per person).

Second: Go to the Gray Room.  These are photos taken by Michael Jackson's personal photographer, Todd Gray, over many years.  It's at the Hagendorn Foundation Gallery in Peachtree Hills.  Go see the King, and be inspired. ($ - $Free).

Michael Jackson, taken by his personal photographer, Todd Gray. 

Third:  Head on down to Elmyr for lunch.  Big ass burritos.  Great attitude.  Fun Times, man!  ($15 per person).

Head on Down to Elmyr for Lunch on Saturday.  Have a burrito or nachos and a beer.

Fourth:  National Water Gun Fight Day!  12-5 on Saturday, it's national water gun fight day at Freedom Park.  Go be a kid again.  You have to bring your own gun.  Pick that up at Edgewood Target just down Moreland.  This is event is part of the Fight4ATL initiative, which aims to get Atlantans out to get active and appreciate the city. 

Head to the national water gun fight at Freedom Park. 

Fifth:  You know it!  Take a Nap.  Well, maybe take a shower.  Then take a nap.  Follow the perfect bed rules.

Finally:  Go check out Lure!  Call ahead to make a reservation. 404.817.3650   ($ - $50 per person).

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Breakfast: $20
Michael: $Free
Lunch: $30
Water Guns: $2
Nap: $Free
Lure: $100

Total:  $152

Day Map:

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