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Are you a Fanilow: Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here's what you do Sunday, July 29, 2012

Barry Manilow.   The great showman.  Here in Atlanta at Chastain.   Let your Fanilow flag fly on Sunday.  Mandy.  Copacabana.  I write the songs.  Go reminisce on Sunday night at 8.  Get there at 7:30 to set up and relax.  Take a bottle of champagne to do it right.  Tickets are available online here.  They range from $49 to over $300.  Terrace seats are going for around $70, which is a good spot.  Plan on $15 for parking if you can't get a street parking spot.  ($ - $70 per person, $15 for parking, $15 for champagne).

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Here's what you do on Sunday:

First:  Sleep in.  You've had a long week.  Just chill in your perfect bed and watch CBS Sunday Morning.  It's the best show around.    Have some good coffee with it.  Check out this video on making the best coffee from Alton Brown.  He really, really knows what he's talkin about.

Second:  Brunch.  Atlanta is brunch country.  This week, let's give Canoe a try at 11.  Nestled on the bank of the Chattahoochee River, canoe puts on a great brunch.  Try the she-crab soup, and fried green tomato eggs Benedict.  And don't forget your bloody mary (remember you can't get - ahem - adult drinks till 12:30).  Take a walk by the river when you're done to take in the beauty and have a deep conversation with your companion.  ($ - $30 per person)

Third:  The Importance of Being Earnest.  The Georgia Shakespeare Theater at Oglethorpe University in Brookhaven is putting on this production.  Start time is 2 on Sunday, so head right on over from Canoe.  The theater says:
"Wit and innuendo abound in this satirical comedy that follows the exploits of two young men –Jack and Algernon – each masquerading as a libertine named Ernest in order to pursue his unsuspecting conquest. When they are caught in the act, a true farce unfolds, and a very real Ernest is revealed. The turn of the century brought us some of the most treasured and clever tales in literature, and those of the great Oscar Wilde are no exception. No stuffy Victorians here!"
Tickets are $31 for adults in the balcony.  ($ - $31 per person).

Check out the Importance of Being Earnest at 2 at Georgia Shakespeare Theater at Oglethorpe University.
Fourth: Nap.  Gotta get ready for Manilow.  Don't forget the nap rules. ($ - $Free)

Fourth:  Dinner at home.  Stay home and grill tonight.  Try some salmon with this Bobby Flay recipe.  Add some seasonal corn - grilled with husks on - and asparagus.  Pair with a nice pinot noir from the Willamette Valley.   Get it all at Whole Foods.  ($ - $40)

Bobby Flay's ginger grilled salmon.

Finally:  Manilow!  The weather forecast says partly cloudy.  Enjoy the Atlanta Summer evening with the Manilow.  ($ - $70 per person, $15 for parking, $15 for champagne).

Book Keeping:

For two people:

Brunch: $60
Importance of Being Earnest: $62
Nap: $Free
Dinner: $40
Manilow: $170

Total:  $332

Day Map:

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